10 Things I find myself doing as a Mum of 2 Under 2

    There were some conversations on Twitter last week that got me thinking about the things I find myself doing, that are usually subconscious seeing as how I am nearly always on auto pilot, what with having 2 under 2 and being pregnant again!


    So here are 10 things I find myself doing!


    1. Drinking tea on the stairs – any chance I get to drink a hot cuppa I’m gonna take it!
    2. Going upstairs to… err… ‘tidy up’ – I’m actually trying to escape the constant whining!
    3. Looking at my makeup bag longing to put it on my tired face…. not a chance with 2 under 2… come to think of it I better lock that shit away before they get their tiny, mischievous hands on it all!
    4. Reading through other parent’s blog posts thinking why the hell did I not think of doing/trying that – most of the time it would have made my life a little easier!
    5. Anyone else end up leaving the kids TV channel on when they have gone for a nap because its either too much effort and all you wanna do is have a hot drink in peace or, because one of the little buggers has gone and hidden the remote, which is now quite possibly hidden for eternity?
    6. Wiping down every surface, every single night, only to wake up before the kids do and still find some sort of smeg or greasy hand prints where you swear you cleaned… seriously bugs me – perhaps they sneak down in the night?
    7. I no longer iron clothes – don’t judge me! I barely have time to put a wash on and fold it so if you think I’m going to spend my precious evenings ironing, when I could have my feet up binge watching a series on Netflix, think again…. who cares if there’s a few creases!
    8. A Strict routine and get pissed off if it all goes to shit!
    9. Draw full of snacks – no not for the kids silly, energy bars for me!
    10. Obsessed with tidying up, I hate mess and clutter. I must tidy up after my kids and other half at least 5 times a day.
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    What do you find yourself doing now that you have little ones in the house?


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