10 Things I’ve learnt since becoming a parent

    So there are some things that I have learnt since becoming a mum that I would never have even though of…
    1. I can deal with pretty much anything – from poop, sick and sticky mits, to piles and piles of washing and tantrums. It is amazing how resilient we become as parents.~
    2. I’m soppier now compared to when I was single – everything from newborns to cute outfits and reaching milestones makes me go ahhh, before the only thing that would make me go ahh was a cute cat pic online!~
    3. I’ve realised just how strong a love bond really is, I now know what it means to love someone with all your heart, not that I didn’t love anyone before, but the bond between parent and child is immense!~
    4. I’m pretty sure that when you become a parent you also develop magical powers, from calming a crying baby to managing to not get an explosive shit everywhere!~


    Here’s the Next 5!

    1. Nothing makes you happier than seeing these little people you created grow and develop, although sometimes maybe a little too quickly!~
    2. Patience. Now I thought I had a lot of patience before I has kids. Since having my two babies I have realised that I needed far more of this that I ever thought possible!~
    3. Great at planning. I was always great at planning essays and such like but planning meals and days out not so much, I’d just go with the flow, but since having kids I’ve realised that if you don’t meal plan or plan your trips out more than likely your day will go tits up!~
    4. Minimalist extreme. Babies and toddlers get into everything, and I am still in the process of minimising the things in my home so that little hands don’t destroy every thing I own!!~
    5. We become super parents when the kids are ill and we are ill too. We seem to find the strength to keep going when all we really want to do is crawl back into bed and die for a few days!~
    6. I catch (almost) everything, balls, falling child, juice bottles, tea cups, shit (yes I’ve caught my toddlers shitty hands before he has spread shit everywhere) and spaghetti before it hits the walls!~
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    So this is what I have learnt since becoming a mum – now its your turn, please either comment here or post on your blog be sure to mention me so I can comment on your post!


    Shank You Very Much


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    6 Responses

    1. Karen Dennis says:

      I have also learned lots since becoming a parent, I wish I had the knowledge that I have now when my children were younger though #readysetlink@_karendennis

      • admin says:

        I wish I knew what I know now before I had my children it would have made it a little easier than going into motherhood blind! At least with number three I’m hoping I will be a little more prepared!!

    2. Berni says:

      i can’t watch anything scary especially psychological thrillers since having kids – i can’t get them out of my mind and they mess with my psyche #dreamteam

    3. Oh gosh yes. Especially to being able to handle pretty much anything now. There was once a time when un-contained poop frighted the life out of me. As a parent you just have to suck it up and do your best, not matter what get thrown your way! Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam linky 🙂

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