2 under 2 and Pregnant… Here’s how I maintain my sanity

    So I’m not going to lie life with 2 under 2 and being pregnant again is bloody hard work and some days I really don’t feel like doing anything, but I try and do these things daily! Routine helps a lot with two babies, and I can manage to fit some time in for my blog and for me!


    Here are my tips…


    1. Get dressed, for me it feels like I am starting the day properly, and don’t get me wrong some days this just doesn’t happen and would rather stay in my comfies! But I try…~
    2. No TV. I try and either switch the TV off completely or switch over to the music channel or the news just so that I don’t have to listen to any more kids TV. Lets face it how many of us can actually listen to kids songs over and over again, day in day out without losing our minds!~
    3. Lunch time. This is a big part of my daily routine and I like to eat my lunch while the kids are having theirs, which is easier now that they feed themselves. When baby number three arrives I am going to try and keep this the same, this may mean tweaking the routine a little!~
    4. Quiet time – if you saw my post¬†Peace and Quiet – Not with 2 under 2! then you will know that I do like some peace and quiet. Now this doesn’t always happen in the day, but I am starting to encourage quite time at around 6.30pm just before my babies go to bed. Then once they are in bed I tidy up downstairs and sit with a HOT cup of tea and put my feet up!~
    5. Currently trailing a 20/20 rule with my babies. I spend 20 minutes playing with them and then encourage 20 minutes of independent play. While they are playing on their own I can get some things done like a load of washing or making meals, even the odd cup of HOT tea. Going well so far and it means in the evening they have my undivided attention if they need it!
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    Does anyone else have some tips on maintaining your sanity with kids?


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    7 Responses

    1. I like the 20/20 idea. Might give that one a go. Good luck with the arrival of number three x #itsok

      • admin says:

        Thank you for reading xx It’s working pretty well I’ve been using it for 5 weeks now and they are playing on their own for longer I still Spend 20 minutes playing with them, but then they will play on their own for 30-40 minutes at a time which is great. You will have to let me know how you get on!

    2. Pat on the back to you… sometimes I barely manage with one!!! But having a routine makes things much easier, especially when they are smaller, and I’m glad it’s working for you. The 20/20 rule often works a treat…
      Good luck with baby number 3 and thanks for linking up with us at #itsok

    3. I have a friend who now have 3 kids under 4 – so basically she was in the same boat as you. I salute you for handling the situation so well – if that was me I would’ve gone nuts. Some advice that would help and this is what my friend does – is to get some support even if it is just one day in the week for a few hours. This helps her to have time for herself to do what she wants to do #itsok

      • admin says:

        Thank you for reading, and I agree getting sometime for me has been hard but now I try and make sure I have at least one morning a week where I just concentrate on me! x

    4. Crummy Mummy says:

      I’m a mum of three so get this, although owing to miscarriages mine aren’t so close in age. If it’s any consolation I found going from one to two harder than two to three! #itsok

      • admin says:

        Thank you for reading and I’m so sorry to hear you had miscarriages, breaks your heart doesn’t it. That is so reassuring to hear that one to two babies is harder than two to three I really am starting to worry about how I will cope, I guess you just have to deal with things as they come x

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