3 under 3! Yes, we are crazy!

    Baby Number 3 is on the way!

    OMG, were the only words I could get out when we found out last Friday that we were having baby number three. 3 under 3 we must be crazy! 7 months after our daughter was born and 17 months since our son was born. I only went to the GP for a routine blood test to check my hormone levels because I hadn’t had proper periods since my daughter was born in July last year. Not the results I was expecting to hear from the doctor at all!

    We had a feeling a few days before this phone call as I had a cup of coffee and almost threw it back up. Nick was cooking off some mince and I couldn’t stand the smell – these are exactly the same symptoms that I experienced with my son. We though no, couldn’t possibly be that just a gastro virus maybe? I will stick to my instincts from here on in, because 9 times out of 10 they are right!


    What a shock!

    The shock was unreal, how just how could this have happened, I was on the pill. Although I was on the depo injection when we fell pregnant with our son! I think  I just have to accept that either I am extremely fertile or my other half has super swimmers or that we are just very lucky to be able to have children easily. Still we were very shocked, and had to do a pregnancy test just to be sure. Partly so we had something visual, those two lines really do make it a bit more real.

    It is still sinking in and I think it will only sink in once we have had our first scan and know when our baby is actually due. At the moment we are unsure of dates. The doctor thinks that I am between 6 – 8 weeks pregnant but we need a dating scan to be sure. If the doctor is correct then we can expect this baby to be due mid to late October 2018!

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    It was a shock for my family too. I messaged my mum telling her and she told everyone else, my dad was at work at the time, and he thought my mum was joking. My middle sister was on shift at the hospital and she could not believe it either! My mums exact works were ‘Oh blimey you are gonna be done in’! and ‘You are raving bonkers, sleepless nights again so soon… ouch… still you are young enough’! ‘But…. we are so excited for another baba to cuddle and spoil rotten!’


    What I’m Not Looking Forwards To…

    I am not looking forwards to the morning sickness which I tend to get in the evening, or the tiredness, I am already tired enough with 2 under 2! Plus towards the end of the second trimesters in both of my previous pregnancies I stared to get some complications, like pelvic girdle pain, low lying placenta and high blood pressure, not to mention the huge feet, and waddling like a penguin because I carry big – mainly fluid!


    Natural Birth or another c-section?

    I would love to have a natural birth this time around but I think, because I have already had two emergency c-sections, I will be having another one. Will have to discuss this with the midwife and the doctors, so we shall see.


    What’s Next?

    So I am booked in for my booking appointment with the midwife on the 16th March and should have a scan date soon after that. Stay tuned for a roller coaster ride from this family over the next 8-9 months. There will be plenty of ups and downs I’m sure, and how the hell am I going to cope with 3 under 3 momentsIMG_20180302_094058.jpg! So expect, banter, tears, fun family times, pregnancy updates and more from this whirlwind that is my ever growing family!

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    Hey at least all the baby equipment is getting some good use. Best dig out the newborn baby clothes, bouncer, swing and Moses basket again. I am so glad I kept all of this Nick and I were going to sell it soon, now that Ophelia is done with it!

    I would just like to mention Kelly on Instagram for her amazing journal here. It has made the perfect backdrop for my photo and this is definitely #TheBeesKnees moment! Still cannot get my head around having 3 under 3!


    Latest Updates on preparing for 3 under 3!


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    1. you are super brave! I have one who is nearly five and I’m scared to have another hahaha #readysetlink

      • I wouldn’t say brave, insane maybe, I’m terrified I will have two toddlers and a new born so getting the new born to sleep is going to be an issue I might have to look at getting my other two into nursery!!

    2. Mygirlsandme says:

      Oh my goodness! Good luck, and im wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. #readysetlink

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