3rd Time Mummy – Our birth Story another C-section

    If you have been following my pregnancy journey here and on Instagram you may know that on the 31st August 2018 we became a family of 5, with 3 under 3!

    Antenatal Clinic

    So on the 30th August I had an antenatal clinic appointment and growth scan I was 37+3 days pregnant, experiencing extreme cramping and tightenings, they had also seen on the scan that I had polyhydramnios which is excess amniotic fluid.

    They decided to admit me to the ward for monitoring. I was not in the slightest bit surprised by this, so much so, that I had packed an overnight bag for me and a few bits for the baby just in case! They ran some tests in the maternity assessment unit and put me on the CTG monitor. Baby was happy, however, my bloods showed that I had possibly developed gestational diabetes, which would have explained the excess fluid. As they were keeping me overnight they decided to run some more tests. 

    I hate being I hospital and that day Nick and I had taken Sebastian and Ophelia with us to the hospital.  The hardest thing about being in hospital I being away from my family. This was the first night that I had spent away from them for well over a year. As it was my emotions were on overdrive so having to say bye to them made me very tearful!

    Doctors Rounds

    They monitored me over night and the next morning I was seen by the consultant who thought it was necessary to deliver baby that day (31st August). They confirmed that I had gestational diabetes, the excess fluid was irritating my uterus, which explained the severe tightenings. Baby was a good size, estimated on the scan the day before to be around 8lbs 12oz, and technically they class 37 weeks full term. As I have had 2 previous c sections the safest option for me was to have another c section.

    I could not believe that I was going to have my baby that day I thought I had another week at least, as this is when I would have been books in for my elective c-section. 

    Nick was at home with the kids, so I rang my mum first and asked if she could come and get the kids and take them to hers. Nick doesn’t drive so she said that she would also fetch him to the hospital.

    Nick almost didn’t make it to the Hospital in time!

    I was told by the consultant that I would be taken down for my c-section later that afternoon, so we all thought we had some time. Nick was sorting overnight bags out for the kids, feeding the cat’s and making sure he had everything to bring to the hospital.

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    They put me back on the CTG monitor so they could keep an eye on baby, all was fine until after being on the monitor for 30 minutes the tightenings were getting longer, stronger and closer together. The pain was slowly increasing and I was becoming more and more uncomfortable. 

    The midwife looking after me goes off, 20 minutes later she comes back with my notes in her hands, and tells me they are moving me up to labor and delivery. I thought ok, they are just geting everything ready, and they wanted me to see the anaesthetist before my spinal block.

    Oh no, that was not the case, as soon as I got up to labor and delivery, I was immediately helped into a gown, asked to sign the c-section consent form and told that theatre would be ready in 30 minutes…

    Shit….. mum had only just got to Nick, and it was a 20 minute drive to the hospital. Well I started to panic, I was texting and ringing mum and Nick like a mad woman, telling them they were taking me to theatre in 30 minutes. I really didn’t want to do this on my own! Then a midwife could obviously see the panic on my face, she kindly told theatre that my other half was not yet at the hospital, and asked them if they could hold on for another 10 minutes. Which they did, leaving Nick an extra 5 minutes to get to the hospital! Thankfully he made it in time and got to walk with me down to theatre!

    Delivery of our 3rd Baby

    The spinal block and delivery of our baby girl went smoothly. Our little Rosalie was delivered safe at 15.19 weighing 8lbs 10oz. However, she was struggling to maintain her oxygen levels and was admitted to the NICU.

    I did not get to hold her in theatre while they stitched me up, I barely even got a glimpse of her as they took her down to the NICU. I was heartbroken, I didn’t know what to do. My abdomen was still open and I could not feel my lower body, I felt completely powerless and lost . With Sebastian and Ophelia they were passed to me in theatre as soon as all their checks had been done.

    In recovery, it really hit me that I did not have my baby with me. Still unable to move, I felt frustrated and angry because no one was telling me exactly what was going on. The midwife looking after me had no idea what was going on with my baby girl, so she said to Nick he should go down to NICU and find out. I sobbed, all I wanted was to hold my baby girl. That had to be the worst part of the whole experience, worse than the months I had spent in sever pain, weeks of having random painful contractions. Not being able to have those special moments straight after delivery broke me.

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    I did not get to see or hold her until Nick arrived at the hospital at 11am they next day. I was so happy when we got down to NICU and I was told that I could hold her and feed her. The worry was still there that she would have to stay on the NICU, but overnight she had improved and was able to maintain her oxygen levels. She also developed some jaundice which was on the borderline of needing light therapy, but they kept testing her for this and her levels kept falling so the doctors were happy with this.

    They thought she might also be septic so they had put her on antibiotics just in case while they ran tests, but I was allowed to take her back up to the ward with me. I was so relieved I could not imagine how hard it must be to have to leave your poorly baby on the NICU, I am so grateful that our little munchkin improved.

    Three days later after all of her bloods came back clear for infection and her jaundice levels were going down. Her nasogastric tube was removed, her cannula taken out and then we were allowed to take her home. I was so happy to be going home. I could not wait to get back to the comfort of my own familiar surroundings, to be home with Nick, Sebastian, Ophelia and our new bundle of joy!

    3 weeks on…

    Three weeks on she is doing so well, milk munching, sleeping, crying, pooping and being entertained by her brother and sister. She no longer has any signs of jaundice, and Nick and I are actually managing to get some sleep at night, she wake every three hours for a feed The ordeal of not being able to hold her in my arms straight away is at the back of my mind, but it definitely makes me hold all of my children closer to me.

    Recovering well from my c-section, had a couple of issues with s stitch that hadn’t fully dissolved properly. Looking forwards to getting back into shape. I’ve been looking at ways to exercise post c-section, and the toddlers can join in with me too!!

    I have already been asked if I will have anymore. Id love one more but after having 3 babies in 3 conseutavive tears i don’t tink my body or my mind could take a not pregnancy or c-section. 

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