Peace and Quiet… Not with 2 under 2!

    Ok, so I knew babies and toddlers were noisy. I knew that once we arrived home with our first baby that our house would never ever be completely quiet again. He was a relatively quiet baby, so there were points in the day that were quiet, and I like some peace and quiet, helps me think.

    Things dramatically changed when our daughter arrived on the scene. Unlike her brother was loud, I mean you could her here crying from at the bottom of the garden with all the windows closed. Her new born baby cry was piercing, and boy did she wail like a banshee. When she did this our son (10 months old at the time) would copy her. This was manageable. I was prepared for a new born crying at all hours and an almost 1 year old being noisy throughout the day!

    Could I really cope?

    Never did I imagine that all the noise would affect me in the way that it did. I have always been a quiet person and not afraid to be on my own, I like my own company. We hit the teething stage at around 5 months with our daughter and she also learnt to whine and shout to get our attention. Not so bad right? WRONG…. my son (15 months at this point) would see his sister getting more attention because she needed something like painkillers or a cuddle to soothe her and he wanted in on it too. Now I’ve only got one pair of hands so he had to wait. He hated this and would throw tantrum after tantrum until he got what he wanted. This happened every single day for two months, I was worn out and my brain felt fried all of the time.

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    At breaking Point…

    I was at breaking point. I had spent all of my time tending to my babies that I had forgotten to make time for me. My fuse was growing shorter every day, and I got myself so worked up that I could no longer think clearly. Then one day they were both crying and whinging for no bloody reason and my fuse ran out. I shouted at the top of my voice, they both stopped, my son ran to the play room and my daughter looked at me and immediately started crying. I had upset them both, and I felt awful for it.

    That very night when they were both tucked up in bed and sleeping, I sat down. I thought about why I had shouted, and came to the conclusion that I was at my wits end with all the noise and needed a break, some time out for me! Nick was home for the next couple of days so I took that opportunity to book in some mummy time. I needed to de-stress. For me that involves having my nails done and sitting and binge watching Netflix for the day and not have to worry about the babies.

    It worked, just that day to myself allowed me to recharge. Now I take an hour out of my day to sit and just be me and not a mum. I normally do this when they have both gone down for a nap at 11am. That hour allows me to re charge my fuse and I am ready for the rest of the afternoon.

    The only time I shout now is some stupid driver cuts me up on a round-a-bout! Does this aggravate any one else?

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    Have any of you had a similar experience where you end up shouting at your kids?

    I’d really like to hear your stories and how you cope with all the noise. Comment below and I will do a future post in a couple of weeks sharing your experiences and how you manage.

    Thank you for reading x




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