Preparing for 3 under 3

    Preparing for 3 under 3

    If you follow me over on Twitter and Instagram you will know that I am preparing for baby number 3’s arrival. She is due September 17th, so I have a little time to go. But here is how I have been preparing for having 3 under 3, and what I still have left to do.

    The Nursery

    This is pretty much complete since, just need to switch Sebastian into his toddler bed so we can use the cot bed. I have stocked the changing table and the clothes draws, with all of the essentials.

    The Moses basket is set up in mine and Nicks room, with a small changing station in there. All I have to do before baby arrives is bring the swing and bouncer down. I want Sebastian and Ophelia to get used to having them around!

    The living room

    I have spent this week decluttering the living room, honestly it was a mess. Toys were everywhere and we are constantly adjusting due to having 2 under 2 around. The shelving unit was being used as a ‘keep out of reach space’ so I have minimalised that as much as I can!

    Most of their toys are now set up in the play room, I do need to organise that a bit more over the coming weeks! Although that seems to be a daily task with 2 under 2… as you can probably imagine they get every single toy out throughout the day.

    The Kitchen

    I have decluttered the kitchen, sorted all of the baby bottles out, got the sterilizer ready and organised the cupboards. As well as getting all the breast pumping equipment ready, and making sure there are plenty of snacks available for me and my babies!

    I have also started meal planning again and in the month leading up to baby number 3’s arrival I will be making freezer meals for all of us. I found having freezer meals so useful when we had new born babies. We didn’t have much time to cook a meal from scratch. With 3 under 3 I think this will be a life saver, as Nick and I won’t have to spend ages in the kitchen cooking and preparing a meal each evening. I will be cooking extra each meal so that I can pop these into the freezer.

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    Moving Sebastian into the same room as Ophelia

    This was my biggest challenge ofmpreparing for 3 under 3. This was something that I was a little apprehensive about, but at the same I really wanted to do it before our baby girl arrives!

    So I had a very proud mummy moment last week, when I decided to move Sebastian and Ophelia into the same room. It was one of those moments when as a mum you know you got it right! This was so that I could start getting the nursery ready for when our little munchkin decides to make an appearance! This needed to be done before she arrives so that Sebastian and Ophelia were already used to sharing a room.

    Prepared for no sleep!

    I was prepared for them not to sleep, to mess around. I was even prepared to move Sebastian back into his own room if this didn’t go quiet to plan. On Wednesday afternoon, last week, I moved his bed into his sister’s room. We took them up after lunch to have a look and a mess around so that it wasn’t a shock come bedtime. They went to bed at 7 pm, both enjoyed a bedtime story and a cuddle. I left the room thinking ‘ok, it’s going to kick off as soon as I get down stairs’!

    To my surprise they spent a couple of hours mooching around their beds and talking to each other. I really was expecting some sort of tantrum, but nope, they were both fast asleep by 9.30 pm. The cherry on the top, was that they also both slept through the night!

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    Thursday night, same routine, they both fell asleep by 8 pm. Friday night was pretty much the same, although I did have to go in and remind them it was sleep time, as Sebastian was throwing teddy bears into Ophelia’s cot. Saturday night was better, they both fell asleep by 7.30 and slept through the night.

    My secret you ask?

    I honestly did nothing, it was all them. I actually think it was just what they needed. Sebastian has not had any night terrors and Ophelia doesn’t wake up in the morning shouting for me. ‘Whispers’ Since putting them in the same room, this mama has got an extra hour in bed most morning’s! They wake up at around 7am and spend an hour playing together! This probably won’t last, especially when our baby girl is here, but for now I am making the most of it!  I really wish I had moved them in together sooner, but Nick was very reluctant and even thought it was a bad idea. Note to self, trust your instincts more and just go for it!

    I am so glad they have both settled into sharing a room so well. It is one less thing I have to worry about when I have a new born in my arms in a few months. 3 under 3 is going to be quite the challenge! But hopefully I am prepared enough!

    Do your children share a room? Do they like sharing a room?


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