Controlled Crying Tried and Tested by real mums!

    Controlled Crying

    An Interview with Laura from the Breastest News


    I have been asked by lots of mums how I got my babies to sleep so well, on their own. It was a long process and my mental health took a battering along the way. Controlled crying was our only option left and I am so glad I tried it. Want to know what Controlled Crying is? Click Here

    I have teamed up with Laura from The Breastest News to find out how she got on with the controlled crying method with her two children.




    What did you do before Controlled Crying?


    Laura: Basically pace back and forward around the living room with my son taking turns with the hubby until he fell asleep. It was hell!

    Jayne: It really is hard when your baby will not settle, mentally and physically. I would sit in the same room as my 10 month old son waiting for him to settle and sleep, while feeding a new born at the same time. We were so tired with a 10 month old who would not self settle and a new born waking every 2 hours for a feed. I was literally getting no sleep and after a month of no sleep I was at breaking point, to the point where my mental health broke down. We had to try something just so we could at least get some sleep!

    How did you start?


    Laura: Couldn’t take anymore of the no-sleep so had a quick look online. Saw an article about controlled crying and thought I’d give it a go. We had nothing to lose expect my sanity.

    Jayne: We could not cope with the lack of sleep either, like you Laura, we did some research and came across controlled crying. I needed some sleep and I think I would have tried anything at that point!

    How did you cope emotionally the 1st night?


    Laura: I felt a bit sick and worried but knew it was for the best.

    Jayne: It was hard, and I hated leaving our son to cry, but at the same time I knew for my own health this needed to be done.

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    How long did it take before your little one started to self settle?


    Laura: It literally took 3 nights and each night the crying was minimal to a point of stopping whereby I could put my son down and he would snuggle in to sleep. I was amazed.

    Jayne: I have heard that if you follow the controlled crying routine exactly as the experts say you should start to see your baby settling on their own after a few nights. Like you Laura 3-4 nights was the same for us, I could not believe it! I would hear him wake in the night, but he was no longer waking up needing me or his dad to settle him.

    At any point did you use a dummy?


    Laura: He wouldn’t take a dummy, I did try.

    Jayne: My son took the dummy very well. My daughter, when we started controlled crying with her at 7 months would not take the dummy at all.

    How did your other half cope?


    Laura: He found it a bit stressful but was fab support.

    Jayne: I think he coped better with it than I did, he does have a lot more patience than I do! He somehow manages to block out most of their crying and whining!

    What age would you recommend starting controlled crying?


    Laura: It’s totally different for everyone. I did it when my son was 13 months old as I knew he had a full tummy before bed etc and didn’t need anything else but some sleep.

    Jayne: I agree Laura, that it is different for every baby. We started at 7 months with our daughter because she literally would scream the second we put her in the cot, most of the time due to her being overtired!

    How long does it take for your little one to settle at night now? How long do they sleep at night? Has it affected how early/late they wake up?


    Laura: Well he’s 8 now and since the controlled crying sleeps like a dream. He doesn’t get up at night ever and goes to bed when asked. He’s always an early riser no matter what time he goes to bed at night.

    Jayne: It so great to hear that your son sleeps so well 8 years on! I hope both of mine will continue to be good sleepers! My children are in the same room now, they go to bed at 7pm are asleep by 8pm and now sleep until around 8am most mornings, unless they are ill. Having 2 under 2 and being pregnant is still hard work but at least now I am getting sleep!

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    Emotionally, how do you feel now that your little one can self settle?


    Laura: Best thing ever!

    Jayne: It really is the best thing ever! We have got our evening’s back (well until baby number three arrives at least), my mental health is well on the way to recovery, and I don’t constantly feel like a zombie!

    Looking back would you have started controlled crying sooner?


    Laura: No and it doesn’t always work with every child. I have a 3 year old daughter who seems to need no sleep and is a pain at bed time.
    Jayne: My son is nearly two, and sounds like your daughter, he doesn’t nap in the day and is reluctant to go to bed. I just try and stick to the routine and hope he goes to sleep!
    Every child is different, I do wish I had started controlled crying with my son before our daughter was born. I think we started earlier with my daughter because we knew the signs that they just needed to go to sleep and learn to self settle. I will be trying controlled crying with baby number 3 but only when I think she needs to learn how to settle on her own.
    Laura, thank you so much for answering these questions surrounding controlled crying. I hope that this will help other parents decide whether this is the right method for them.
    Did you try this method? Let us know how you found it in the comments below.
    Jayne x
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