The Inconsolable Cry

    Has your baby ever cried so much that they are completely inconsolable?

    Yes my daughter has been like that these last few weeks, crying so much her face turns red and she sobs through the tears, despite trying everything, nothing seems to soothe her, and it is heart wrenching to watch.

    From what I have read, it can be due to a number of things, for example we finally figured out after a week of her doing this twice a day, that she was very overtired and hungry at the same time. Our daughter is 7 months old, teething and desperate to crawl, so through the night not only is she waking up in pain with teething but she also likes to practice crawling around the cot during the early hours, this is why she became so overtired and she was refusing to take her full naps in the day. On top of that weaning is well underway and she has been having a growth spurt and so her food intake has shot up too.

    Get help from family, I had to ask one of my sisters to come over and help one evening, Nick and I had spent the three night previous up and down to our daughter who would just not sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time, and that inconsolable cry will take its toll on you mentally and emotionally. I know there were a few nights where I was in tears because nothing I could do would settle my baby girl, it really is so hard seeing them get so worked up and not respond to anything you do . It was such a relief when my sister walked through the door, I am pretty sure I said here hold the baby! My sister was great she cuddles, played and read to both the kids, and helped out at bedtime. It made such a difference, I got a bit of a rest, I managed to get the kettle on and sit and have a hot cup of tea and just watch the fun, and even just for a few hours de-stress. My sister is a life saver, and the best auntie ever!

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    We had to eliminate either the over tiredness or the being extra hungry before she would settle, this was not easy at all and took us a few attempts to get it right. We started by trying to feed her, as we though this might help her sleep better but she would refuse any food, and even refused her bottle of milk. In the end we had to put her in the cot and wait until she had calmed herself down, which only took 15 minutes, she then fell asleep for almost three hours. When she woke back up she started that inconsolable cry again, we thought oh god that didn’t work either… We offered her some food and she ate the whole bowl no problems and was settled after, that was it we had broken the cycle she was back to her normal self a week later. We have been very regimented with her naps and meals these following weeks and she has not had another episode of inconsolable crying, just the usual I need something cry, usually her pain cry due to teething, which is manageable with ice cubes and painkillers, just waiting for those first teeth to cut through!

    Have you experienced this inconsolable crying, if so did you figure out why?

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