Baby wearing – will I be wearing baby number 3?

    Baby wearing – Should I wear baby Number 3?


    I chose not to wear my first baby at all, mainly because he wasn’t that keen on it either, but then when number 2 came long 10 months later, we soon discovered that she was quite a clingy baby and wanted holding all of the time, however, I still chose not to have her in a sling. Now that baby number 3 is on the way I am seriously considering using a sling for this baby.

    For a few reasons, the first being I already have 2 under 2, so my arms are already full. Secondly, I think I would quite like to be close to my baby, I really wish I had given it a go with my other two. Finally, I’m hoping that by wearing my 3rd baby I will be able to get more done around the house, I’m also hoping it will mean this baby takes to breast feeding a bit better, as my first two were not so keen on the idea and I think that may have had something to do with not always holding them close to me.


    Benefits of Baby Wearing…

    I have heard more good stories than bad of wearing your baby, so I am definitely going to give it a try this time around. Here are some of the benefits of wearing your baby that I have come across:

    • Babies who are carried often cry less, my second baby cried a lot and when her brother was trying to sleep she would keep him up, so this will be a plus for me this time around.~
    • Baby wearing is great for their digestion due to the upright position, now both of my babies surrendered badly from colic and reflux~
    • Encourages healthy mental and emotional development, and I don’t think just for baby either. I think it will be easier to bond with baby number three and still give my attention to my toddlers!~
    • Baby wearing makes parenting easier. I’m a bit dubious of this statement, I mean come on parenting is bloody hard work, ha, says me who’s having a third baby, but yes it will mean I still have my arms free a lot of the time!~
    • Promotes attachment, this is something I’m hoping will benefit baby and I most. I really wanted to breast feed my other two but they just were not interested.
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    So Will I be wearing Baby number 3?

    I think I will be giving it a go. It will be so interesting to see if anything is different by wearing baby number three. I will be sure to post updates once baby arrives in October!

    For now though check out these baby slings that I have been looking at from The Daisy Baby Shop.


    Daisy Baby Shop


    Does anyone have any experience of baby wearing? If so would you please share your stories/advice with me!!


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