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Dedication, time, relevant content and community.


With the help of sharing every new blog post on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest I managed to more than double my blog traffic within a month.

I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers writing about how they increased their traffic with the use of scheduling software and applications to boost their traffic. However, I tired some of these, and for me it just doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, and if I’m brutally honest it all seems a bit impersonal.

So, if like me you are interested in increasing traffic to your blog, and spreading your hard work and thoughts throughout your blogging community, then keep reading!


Yes, scheduling programmes make it easier to get your work out there, but I like the personal touch, so let me guide you through what I did…


I’m a blogging novice having only 2 years experience in the blogging world, but in these 2 years I have come to understand just how special my blogging community is. No matter how much scheduling you do, nothing beats getting involved within your blogging niche.


It’s the personal touch, the comment you post, the photo you like or the re-tweet, that really works. From experience, more often than not, the person behind those pages that you interacted with will visit you, we all love getting likes, comments and follows and this means more than the numbers. I can’t speak for every blogger, but I know that I much prefer it when readers interact with my content, I’m not all about the numbers!


So here are some tips to increase you presence within your blogging community…



If scheduling isn’t working for you, for now scrap it, or only use it when you really have to – I use it if I go on holiday!


Blogging communities

Spend some time looking at your fellow bloggers, blogs and social feeds. Who stands out? Who’s content makes you want to read more?

Did you leave a comment? Did you like their page? It doesn’t have to be much, believe me I’m overjoyed every time I get a like or a comment because I know that person has taken the time to read my content, and interact with it. Its things like this that lets us bloggers know that we are writing about relevant things!


Similar Content


If you have been blogging for a while you can even ask if its Ok to link their post into yours (I have just started doing this). 9 times out of 10 the blogger will say yes as its a link to their content. This may not be the case for all blogging communities as some are more competitive than others, but I know as a parenting blogger we are happy for anyone to link to our content, because every aspect of parenting has so many different angles on it, and as parents we will take all the help and advice we can get!


Get Involved

More and more bloggers are hosting blog link ups or ‘linkys’. This is a great way to share your content with other like-minded bloggers, and it gives you a chance to actually be part of that blogging community.

I have only recently come across these ‘linkys’ and my experience so far has been great, I have found some new bloggers to interact with every week!

I also like follow loops, these work in a similar way to the link ups, in that you follow the host and leave a link to your blog. Under that feed you can read and follow anyone else who captures your interest.


Making your content shareable 

Make sure that you link every new post up on your blog across all of your social media platforms. Then a week or so later post them again with a caption such as ‘In case you missed it’ followed by the link to your post. Every week I like to create a graphic with an application called Canva which allows me to display all of my recent posts, here is an example of one of mine:

I post this onto Twitter and Instagram and I also create a similar graphic for my Instagram Stories and Pinterest:

Most blogging platforms allow you to add you social links to your page. I also like to include relevant discussion links back to my social media within my posts (like the one below). It makes discussion smoother and readers don’t have to spend time looking for you within their feeds, which potentially could discourage them.


In Summary 

If you want to increase your blog traffic get interacting and searching within your blogging community, it really will feel like you are part of something special!


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