The 7 WordPress Plugins I’m Using

    WordPress Plugins I’m Using


    As part of the Blogging Tips Series I thought I’d share the 7 WordPress Plugins that I’m using to make my blogging life a little easier! The 7 plugins that I am sharing with you are ones that I use to help me increase traffic, share my content and link easily to my social feeds.



    One of the top WordPress Plugins is Jetpack, this plugin offers design services including hundreds of themes and customisation tools. It has marketing services, including site stats, analytics and SEO tools. It also has security services for data back up, spam filtering and down-time monitoring.


    Inline Related Posts

    Image result for inline related posts plugin


    Having related posts within your blog posts helps keep readers on your blog by suggesting related posts. Customisation of the buttons is available to help you make sure that they fit with the style and theme of your blog.




    Image result for newsletter wordpress plugin

    I have only recently discovered this plugin, its great for creating newsletters with ease. It has a walk through feature to help you out, plus the templates are brilliant! This plugin also has a scheduling feature so you can create newsletters in advance.



    Now for the Social Plugins:



    Social Share Buttons


    Social Share Buttons. This is a must have for all bloggers who want their readers to share their work. Again this plugin can be easily customised to meet the needs of your blog. Install this plugin now and make it easier for your readers to share your work.



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    React and Share

    A screenshot of the reaction button customizer tool

    React and Share, this is a bit of a fun one and works like the Facebook react button. With this plugin you can set your own emojis, great way to get your readers to interact with your posts!


    Pinterest Pin It Button



    Pinterest has fast become a great way for bloggers to share their content. The Pinterest Pin it Button allows you to include a pin it button over your images to make your posts easier to share. So if you are on Pinterest, this is a must have plugin for your blog. And if you are a blogger without Pinterest, go get that too!


    I hope you have found this post in the Blogging Tips Series Useful. Be sure to check out the rest of the Series!


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