Overcoming the same old Stay at Home Mumlife

    Here are 8 ways I beat the Stay at home Mumlife!



    Walks, play dates and visiting family are on my list every week. Getting out with the kids is great for mental health I hate looking at the same four walls all of the time!


    Quiet time

    Kids are noisy there’s no denying that, and there’s also no way of getting them to be quiet all of the time. It’s quite time first thing in the morning before they have their breakfast, so I can have a cup a tea and catch up on social media uninterrupted. I also encourage quiet time half an hour before they go to bed, this calms them down ready for bed time.


    Adult conversation

    I video call my mum at least 3 times a week just to stay sane, and I also like getting involved in parent conversations on Instagram and Twitter, just keeps me from going insane having to use simple language all of the time.


    Discover a Hobby

    My hobby is crocheting and journalling. These help me relax and keep my mind off all the things kid related, I use these hobbies to wind down in the evening along with Netflix.



    I’ve always loved learning new things. Lately this has been learning things to enhance my blog and social media interactions. I find it helps from preventing my brain from feeling like one big blitzed up mush!


    Get organised

    I like nothing better than having my house and work life as a stay at home mum organised so I know exactly what I’m doing and when. I am working on storage within the house so that I immediately know where things are which is essential with babies in the house.

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    Clean every day

    I clean as I go along. So when I take a shower in the morning I give the bathrooms a quick wipe down. I make the beds while they are having a bath, and I clean the surfaces every night ready for the next day. If I’m playing with the kids I also tidy up and re sort their toys, we often make this into a game!


    Have something special you do with the kids every day

    For us this is a couple of things. Firstly lunch time, it is a big part of our daily routine, I like to eat my lunch with them. Secondly is bath time. My babies really are water babies and it kills some time when bedtime is approaching!


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