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    Kelly, who you can find over on Instagram ( has created this amazing Happiness Journal, it is absolutely stunning and great for a moment or two of mindfulness each day. The journal is not dated so you can start this at any time in the year, and she has designed it so that you colour it in.

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    This journal really helps you sit back and reflect on the day, it also identifies areas of your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being that need some TLC. Really great for busy mums who are always on the go and who often don’t get time to sit and think about themselves.

    Kelly’s stories on Instagram are great she’s a real, down to earth first time mum who isn’t afraid of telling you how it really is, and doesn’t care if she makes a bit of a twat of herself (her words). Also a great business woman who will share her ups and downs of growing a business from scratch. Honestly worth following this mama if you like a laugh!

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