Preparing for a Cesarean Section

    Preparing for a Cesarean Section

    From a mum who has already had two! 


    I have been thinking about my up coming birth with baby number 3. I will be having a third c section due to a low lying placenta. My experiences of c sections have been very good but still can’t help but worry about the whole thing. Most concerned about the spinal block, when I had Ophelia they hit a nerve over my right hip that has left me with some nerve pain. My mum had a c section with my youngest sister and the spinal block left her with parasthesia in her leg, mum has to take so many painkillers every day just to ease the pain. I just hope I get a good anaesthetist.

    So this week marked 26 weeks into my pregnancy.

    Where on earth did those 26 weeks go? At the beginning of last week I literally had nothing ready, unlike with my last two pregnancies where, by 26 weeks I had everything ready! I guess already having 2 under 2 will do that!

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    I was 4 days over due when I went into labour with Sebastian. 16 hour labour 3 of those spent pushing… He was not coming so the rushed me down for an emergency c-section. Oh my gosh I was in so much pain until they put the spinal block in. . With Ophelia I went into labour 3 weeks early. My waters started leaking so the hospital told us to go in. When we got to the hospital I was already 2cm dilated, but needed a c section due to a low lying placenta, we had planned for a c section. I did not go into full blown labour with Ophelia and I was so much more relaxed this time around! . I am hoping that I will be just as relaxed when baby number three is due to arrive! . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . #modernmum #dailyparenting #ukparentbloggers #momclub #motherhoodmoments #honestparenting #mymotherhood #mumstagram #motherhoodalive #realparenting #parenthoodunplugged #thejuggleisreal #simplymamahood #daytodaymakeup #motherhoodrocks #mylifeinsquares #mummakeup #mybeautifulmess #mumbun #mumsthatgotthis #theunstoppablemama #mamablogger #pregnancy #labour #csections #momswhoblog #thisparentlife #documentingmotherhood #inbeautyandchaos

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    You might be thinking, hold on a second she still has about 14 weeks to go. That’s true but my daughter decided to come three weeks early, and I have been told that there is a high possibility that this baby will be coming early too. I also threatened pre-term Labour at 32 weeks and 35 weeks, I was rushed into hospital both of those times.

    Anyway, I started thinking about what needed to be done. So first I started by getting all the clothing and bedding together and washing, drying, folding and putting away ready. The Moses basket is set up in our room and the baby swing is ready to go!

    My hospital bag is almost complete everything for baby is in there, I just need some things for me! I also need to get some bags ready for Sebastian and Ophelia as they will be going to stay with my mum and dad for a night or two!

    We are going to get Sebastain a proper bed so this baby can have his cot. I am also hoping to have Sebastian and Ophelia in the same room by the time this baby arrives so that I have a mini nursery for this baby to nap in and somewhere I can go to feed her.


    What’s in my hospital bag?
    Much less than I took when I had my last two babies. I know exactly what I need this time around! I will be in hospital (all being well) for one night as the hospital has a fast track c-section discharge programme. This is so much better, as with my son I was in for three nights and all I wanted to do was get home!


    For baby
    30 new born nappies – new born babies usually go through 12-14 nappies per day so I always pack a few extra.
    10 sleep suits – spit ups, poo explosions, milk dribble, you will probably chance your baby 3-4 times per day possibly more.
    2 baby hats – if one gets dirty or doesn’t match the outfit!
    5 muslin cloths – great to use when feeding!
    Nappy rash cream – just in case!
    Coconut oil – both my son and daughter had extremely dry skin when they were born and this helped with the cracking and rashes that result in the dry skin. Also makes them smell amazing!
    2 blankets – I also make good use of the hospital blankets in case baby spits up I still have my blankets to use on the way home.
    Dummies –  I try to avoid using these, but both of my babies suffered from colic so I always have them on hand!


    For Me
    4 nursing tops – new born babies are likely to spit up some milk after feeds!
    2 nursing bras – Using breast pads should stop leakage through to your bra bust just in case. I like to pack a couple.
    4 pairs of leggings – just in case of leakage.
    8 pairs of high waist knickers – I like these as they come over my c-section wound and the maternity pads fit nicely.
    Maternity pads – I will be baking two packs of 12 in with me as after Ophelia I had a lot of bleeding.
    Breast pads – You milk will start to come in so be prepared for leakage!
    Toiletries – the usual, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, shower gel and shampoo, deodorant.
    Make-up – just in case I don’t want to look like shit!
    Moisture mist – the hospitals are seriously hot and dry. I wish I had known about moisture mists when I was working as a nurse!
    Energy bars – Hospital food isn’t great so I have snacks with me and energy bars are great to have on hand, especially when feeding baby.
    Flip flops – I say flip flops instead of slippers because you can wear these out of the shower, and then sit down and dry your feet at your bedside. Trying to dry your feet after a c-section is even harder than trying to do it heavily pregnant!


    This is a great checklist from Musely


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