Cesarean Awareness Month – April 2018



    Cesarean Awareness Month – April 2018


    It is Cesarean Awareness month this month, and I wanted to share this post with all mums who have had, a c-section, multiple c-sections, and mums-to-be who are having a c-section birth for one reason or another.


    My Cesarean Stories

    I’ve met a few people along the way who have told me that because I had a c-section that I had it easy or I did not ‘give birth’ to my child. That kinda tugs at the nerves a bit. I still carried my babies for 9 months, and I still went into natural labour with both of them. My first baby had me in labour for 14 hours and 4 of those hours were spent pushing. They decided to take me in for an emergency c-section. It turned out that he had the cord wrapped around his neck multiple times, and both of us could have potentially died if I had carried on pushing.


    Recovery was pretty horrendous too. So for those saying we have it easy you must be joking because for three weeks after I could not pick up my baby properly, which affected how I bonded with my babies. Sleeping is an experience with any new born but with a c-section scar to contend with as well… I could only sleep in an upright position and my other half had to push me out of bed because if I moved the wrong way my scar would pop open again. That happened twice with my son and four times with my daughter. Not to mention being completely unable to put shoes and socks on! As for the over hanging belly that I have been left with after 2 c-sections… Well I’m not ready to go there just yet!

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    Another Cesarean

    Now that I am pregnant with baby number three I am feeling pretty nervous about birth again. I would love to have a natural birth, but after two c-sections I don’t think the doctors will let me due to my history. But as long as my baby and I are healthy I do not mind how I give birth.


    Raise Awareness¬†with me…

    Ultimately, it comes down to this, if your life and your unborn babies life were at risk and the only option was to have a c-section what would you do?

    So please share this post and lets raise awareness of what a cesarean really means. Lets remove the stigma that has been attached to this method of giving birth.


    Please feel free to share your cesarean stories with me below xx





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