20 Elf on a Shelf Ideas

    Are you doing Elf on a Shelf this year? These Ideas are great if you have children, fun and simple, not too much effort! Look out for more Elf on a Shelf ideas soon!

    Elf on a Shelf…

    1. Tangle Elf in Ribbon
    2. ‘Elfies’
    3. Take a nap somewhere really cozy
    4. Got some stickers? What can Elf get up to with these I wonder
    5. Elf in the fridge
    6. Leave Elf footprints leading somewhere
    7. Just Elf on a shelf, any shelf will do, but remember Elves like decorations!
    8. Hanging in the Christmas Tree Preferably upside down!
    9. Cuddle with a pet
    10. Mince pies are the best!

    11. Slide down the stairs
    12. Reading a book, it needs to be a Christmas book!
    13. Whats on Netflix? Anything Elf would like?
    14. Hot chocolate anyone?
    15. Santa Clause likes a tipple…. Did you know Elves do too? Ours likes Pimm’s!

    16. Tangle Elf in fairy lights
    17. Take Elf out and about with you!
    18. Have Elf sleep in everyone’s bed!
    19. Make Elf his own bed
    20. Elf really like hanging from high places!

    Be sure to follow us over on Instagram this December to see what our little Elf gets up to!  

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