Meet Elfie – Elf on a Shelf!

    This is Elfie our Elf on a shelf, she’s naughty, mischievous and please don’t feed her candy cane… Ever not even a small piece! In fact please don’t even show her any candy at all, it sends her nuts!

    I’ve also told Sebs and Phee that she is watching them to see if they are naughty or nice. If they are really really bad Santa is not coming! Will it get them to be good? Probably not but I will have some fun with Elfie (as named by Sebastian)!

    Keep an eye out to see the things this elf gets up to over the Christmas period! Do you have any Christmas traditions? Do you have an elf on the shelf?

    What has Elfie been up to this week?

    Just hanging about on the shelf!

    Elfie started off so innocent and sweet hanging out on the shelf with some squishy friends! We really thought we had a good elf on our hands, not one of those ‘Elves behaving badly’ ones! Ohhhh how wrong we were!

    Then the mischief started…

    Think she was trying to tell me we needed a light shade up here! Mind the cobwebs you naughty elf!

    Up to no good with Ophelia on the stairs!

    Sure looks like they are plotting against us here! What have I done? What have I let lose in the house!!

    Silly humans don’t even have a rolling pin!

    Elfie… maybe you would like to tell Santa we need a rolling pin to make more delicious gingerbread!

    Do we like doing Elf on a Shelf?

    The kids enjoy it when Elfie leaves treats out for them, but mostly they just throw her around the place! I’m not sure if our poor elf is going to make it through to Christmas. I have already had to stick the bobble on her hat back on!

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    My other half and I however, find it a challenge to find new hiding places or make Elfie do naughty things overnight! I think as the kids get older we will be able to get more creative with our Elf, but for this year at least we are having some fun!

    Check out my Instagram to see what else this little elf has been up to!

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