Our favourite family meals

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    As a family it is so much easier if our babies can eat what we are eating, so here are some baby friendly meals that the whole family can eat!

    Chilli con crane –

    We take the kids portions out before we add the chilli! Sebastian (16 months) eats it as it is with a spoon, and we blitz Ophelia’s (7 months) up a little.


    Jacket Potato

    With cheese and beans or tuna mayo and sweet corn… Sebastian eats his just chopped up with a spoon and we blitz Ophelia’s up a little.


    Spaghetti Carbonara or spaghetti boplognese –

    Both of the babies just have their pasta cut up a little, for the Carbonara we use un-smoked bacon to reduce the salt.

    Chicken Paella  –

    Always goes down a treat with the babies – Again Sebastian eats it as it is with a spoon and we slightly blitz up Ophelia’s.


    I do them both finger food at lunch times to help them with self weaning.

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