Pet Spotlight – my fur babies!

    I post on Instagram ( a lot about my two fur babies but I have never introduced them on the blog, and as they are a massive part of this crazy family I feel they need some recognition.


    First up we have Aslan…. hunter extraordinaire, snugly, and the most loving cat I have ever had! He was born on the 4th November 2015 and we got him when he was just 8 weeks old. Being a tabby he is very much the hunter of the family and spends most of the time patrolling his territory, annoying the local dogs and bringing home all sorts of treats for us, you name it we’ve had it brought home. Usually mice and other small rodents like rats, but he has also been known to bring home, parts of rabbits, a fully grown pigeon which he ate half of and a fully grown magpie, which you will be pleased to know, I captured it in a towel very much alive and unharmed and set the poor thing free, much to Aslan’s disgust- catching a fully grown adult magpie by the way is a challenge as well as trying to keep the cat away.

    When Aslan is home he spends most of the time avoiding out boisterous 16 month old son like the plague, he does however, like having a cuddle up with my 6 month old baby girl – although if she is anything like her brother, Aslan will soon also be avoiding her! The babies are great with Aslan, slowly we are encouraging Sebastian to be gentle and not pull tails, ears, or whiskers.

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    Aslan is a docile male tabby – a gentle giant of a cat weighing in at about 6kg now, he’s not fat, as the vet put it he’s very lean and stocky!


    Next up we have our Grey tabby Fizgig (Her name comes from the Dark Crystal – one of my favourite films). She was born on the 19th August 2016 (the day before my son!) and we got her when she was 10 weeks old. A fun loving, playful, savage who does not play fair!

    Now when I went to get this little bundle of fluff, she had been mistreated, she was underweight and completely afraid of humans (I don’t think her breeders had any idea what they were doing). It took me almost 9 months to get her to approach other people including my other half, she was completely fine around Aslan and saw him as her protector, and she loved cuddling up to my son a lot, and when our daughter came along she was the same with her. Now almost 16 months old she cannot get enough fuss of us, and if anyone comes round she will greet them but with a bit of caution, one sure way to make friends with this tab is through treats, and play time! Fizgig comes for fuss when the babies have gone to bed and you can find her sleeping at the bottom of our bed most of the time.

    Fizgig is not as outdoorsy as Aslan, but still quite the proficient hunter – thanks to training from Aslan! She has been known to bring in mouse after mouse and rats too, but only during the summer months, during the winter she is very much the typical house cat, spending most of her time sleeping, eating, grooming, playing with the kids, or causing mischief in one way or another. Just lately she has taken to sticking her paw under our sons door at 2am to try and wake him because she wants to play – mama says hell no kitty!

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    Although she is gentle with the kids when playing, as adults we need to wear some heavy duty cat armour, remember me saying she doesn’t play fair – well she will act all innocent let you stroke her belly but will turn savage and start clawing and kicking the shit out of your arm, foot or slipper – oh yes if your sat on the sofa opposite the coffee table she will attack your feet from out of nowhere!

    So that’s it for the intro’s to my fur babies, if you want to know more click the link at the top and visit my Instagram grid and stories!



    Aslan – Male sandy/black tabby with white paws, loves a good photo-bomb!

    Fizgig – Female grey/light grey tabby, with a grumpy looking face!

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