Sunshine at last!

    Finally some Sunshine

    Some lovely weather last week so I thought I would do a post about what we got up too. We really did make the most of the beautiful weather! I’m no photographer so my photos are not the best!


    Wednesday 18th April – Very warm and lots of Sunshine!

    My sisters graduation, she looked amazing and we could not have asked for a better day! We had a lovely day with my family, and we had a lovely meal in Pizza Express I could not believe how well behaved the babies were! Cannot believe my younger sister has graduated. I also cannot believe that I graduated almost 5 years ago! Never would I have imagined that I would be back at my old uni with 2 under 2 and another one on the way. I would have laughed at you if you had told me that 5 years ago I was working and partying way to much for anything else!


    I will write a post on how we manage family meals out with 2 under 2! We managed to get through the meal with 0 tantrums and despite Sebastian climbing out of the highchair and onto the table a few times it went pretty smoothly!


    Thursday 18th April – Hot Hot Hot

    Today was all about the paddling pool and sunscreen!

    Another hot day today we decided to get the paddling pool out and the babies loved it. These two have been water babies since birth. Bath toys, balls and empty shower gel cartons kept them entertained all afternoon. Gave me a chance to relax in the sunshine!

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    Sebastian dived into the pool straight away, however this was Ophelia’s first time in cold water so she got a bit of a shock to start with, but soon settled into it!



    Friday 19th April – Picnic!

    Well today started off a bit crappy. Overcast and a little chilly in the wind. Lunch time was a whole different story, the sunshine was in full force. I was going to take them to a local park but we have to drive there and the car was way to hot! We decided to do a picnic for the kids in the garden. They enjoyed it and was gone within 20 minutes. I think that was the quickest they have ever eaten their lunches! Even the cats got a look in!

    I smothered the kids in sunscreen but forgot myself, so I ended up with burnt shoulders!



    What happened over the weekend? Not a lot this is England and the beautiful sunshine we had was just there to remind us that this is what we could have!


    Come Back sun…. PLEASE!





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    1. There is nothing quite like a bit of sunshine to make everyone feel better, is there? We went out in the convertible with the roof down for the first time this year at the weekend #readysetlink@_karendennis

    2. It was lovely sunshine, put where did it go?! X #readysetlink

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