Our Favourite Things This Month!

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    This is what we have been enjoying this week!

    The door bouncer and the dance mat, great combo that my daughter loves, gets her feet moving and gives her something to focus her attention on! We like to put her in this 30 minutes before we start bedtime routine as it allows her to burn off any extra energy she has left!

    Jumperoo, my daughter loves bouncing in this for about 30-40 minutes at a time. She often falls asleep in it too!


    Plastic pots off the fabric conditioner bottles! My son really loves these great for chewing on as well, as he has his molars coming through now, he also enjoys putting them in a pot and tipping them back out again!

    2018-02-14 10.17.16.jpg

    Printed Alphabet page – my son loves pointing and saying what all the pictures are about, his favourites are Apple, Banana, Car and Monkey! As you can see it is well used! There are lots available if you search on google!

    2018-02-14 10.19.46.jpg

    Story Books – my son currently loves Where’s Mr Lion, I’m Just an astronaut and Noisy farm, we read these every evening before his bed time, he especially likes the noisy farm, he likes mimicking the animals sounds and pointing out all of the animals.

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