Goals for 2019

    I don’t usually set any goals at the beginning of the year, but this year being more organised is one of my goals so I thought goal setting would be a good place to start. We have goals as a family, and I also have some personal ones. I’m not going to set myself anytime time limits on these goals, but I am going to make sure I review them weekly and monthly. I am sharing them here so that through the year I can reflect back on this post and hold myself accountable. So here goes…

    Family Goals

    Nursery School

    I want to find a nursery school for Sebastian early next year. I think he is ready to start spending maybe three mornings a week at nursery, learning new things, making friends and having fun. This will also give me a bit more time at home with Ophelia and Rosalie and I will be able to get things done around the house with less interruptions as Sebastian needs quite a lot of attention and guided play, so I am hoping that nursery will help him learn to use his own imagination a bit more and hopefully burn off some of that excess energy! I will also be sending Ophelia after her 2nd birthday so having Sebastian already in Nursery will set up the routine nicely.

    Money and savings

    I’m pretty good with money and we already have some savings, but there are a few things we need for the house such as storage and a big bed for Ophelia, so I am going to rework our budget to see if there are any areas where we can save some money for these big purchases. Our car also went bang over Christmas so that is on my list too!


    We need to finish decorating, I had to stop due to a difficult pregnancy with Rosalie, so some walls are only half finished, this will get done early 2019! Its driving me crazy! 

    Out and about

    Getting out of the house more is also on my list but with 3 under 3 its pretty difficult to go anywhere without a car. I’m planning on taking the kids for a walk whenever the weather is good enough! Once we have a new car I can plan trips out properly!

    Winter Activities

    Finding exciting things to do in the winter is difficult, you can’t just open the back door and let the kids run rampage in the garden for an hour or so. So this winter I am going to get more creative with craft activities and invitations to play. Keep an eye on my Instagram page for these!

    Personal Goals

    Health and Welbeing

    First on my personal list is to get healthy again. I need to lose the baby weight, but before I can start that I need to have an MRI on my spine as I have been left with some lingering nerve pain in my lumbar area of my back, where I had spinals for my c-sections and of course the change in posture during pregnancy. Also my mum has a condition called cauda equina syndrome (CES), in short she had to have spinal surgery to shave and remove 2 of her discs in her back due to compression of nerves so my Gp will want o check for that in my back as it can be hereditary or caused by trauma. 

    Self Care

    I do a lot for everyone in this house and often forget to take care of myself. Self care is on my list this year, I am determined to take time for myself at least once a week where I am baby free and I am going to make sure that I take some time out of each day where I get my thoughts, feelings and to do lists out of my head. 

    Blog and Social feeds

    During my 3rd pregnancy I neglected this blog and my social media feeds, and i use these as an outlet for all of my thoughts and feeling so in 2019 I want to get back into these. 


    I don’t know about you but over the Christmas holidays, I feel like our routine has been completely thrown out of the window! we are getting up at random times and going to bed far to late (2am), partly due to having a newborn, and partly enjoying our time together. But this has left me feeling out of sync! So once 2019 has arrived I am determined to get our routine back on track!

    I now this probably seems like a lot but all of this for me is achievable over this next year. I’m not one for giving up chocolate (I am one serious chocoholic) or setting time scales for each goal, so I will complete all of these at my own pace but definitely before this time next year!

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