What have we been up to this month? – April

    What’s been happening this month?


    We have had a few nap issues with both of my babies this month. Sebastian started to lose his afternoon nap earlier this month. It started with him either going up for a nap and screaming because he decided that he did not want to nap. Now I ask him and he refuses so I guess no more naps for him. Although he has been sleeping much better at night now that he doesn’t nap. He also now has all of his teeth so the better sleep at night could be due to not teething anymore.


    Ophelia has also been changing her naps, the morning one is fine she goes down at 11 and wake up at 12. She usually goes down at 3pm for an hour but recently she started to cry out as soon as I put her down, or she would sleep for longer which wasn’t great for bed time. I decided to move her afternoon nap forwards half an hour. So she now goes down at 2.30pm until 3.30pm and I make sure that she only gets an hour and this is working well so far. Sebastian did this at 9 month too and eventually he combined those two naps into one 2 hour nap from 11am – 1pm so I think Ophelia will transition to this nap schedule over the coming weeks! Staying on top of their naps changing is so hard. You just get used to one routine and then they decide they are going to change it. Little buggers!



    A week of good weather – well almost!


    We had a few lovely days on sun and hot weather, and if you saw my post (LINK) you will know that we spent the days on family outings or picnics in the garden! Ophelia had her first experience in a paddling pool and Sebastian just loves being outside! I would like to know one thing… Where has the bloody sun gone? I know, I know this is England!

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    Sebastian and Ophelia have really started playing together this month. I have noticed that Sebastian is teaching Ophelia a lot including how to clap her hands, blow raspberries, and he loves showing her how to play with his toys. They really are acting like brother and sister, and at times Sebastian can be a bit rough, I guess that is boys for you. Although Ophelia does get her own back, I have caught her pulling his hair a few times!




    Sebastian is talking – a LOT. He is starting to put words together and is starting to form sentences, he knows the difference between hot and cold, big and small. He is a right chatter box, I wonder where he gets that from? I blame my mum! Honestly, it is so lovely being able to have a conversation with him, even if it still doesn’t make sense sometimes!


    Ophelia is trying so hard to walk. I have noticed over the last few weeks that she prefers standing up to sitting down, just like her brother. Sebastian was walking at 10 and a half months and I don’t think Ophelia will be far off that, she loves trying to climb the furniture and side stepping, holing onto the TV unit. She gets frustrated easily if she cannot do something, so we have had quite a lot of days where she has whined all day because she can’t do whatever it is she is trying to do!


    Looking for Nursery Schools


    I am hoping to have Sebastian in nursery this September. Hopefully before baby number three arrives. Three afternoons a week will be enough for him to start with. I have chosen to send him in the afternoon as this is when he has the most energy to burn off and he gets bored very quickly after lunch. I have already chosen a couple of good nursery schools for him. Didn’t realise how hard it would be to choose a good one. I will be applying this coming month so everything will be ready for him to start in September.

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    Baby Number Three – My Pregnancy


    If you follow my blog then you will know that we had our first scan for baby number three this month (LINK). Got a bit of a shock. I thought I was about 12-14 weeks pregnant turns out I was actually 18 weeks  (20 weeks today!). We have a scan in two weeks. This will be a more detailed scan and we find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. My gut instinct is saying another baby girl!


    As for the pregnancy symptoms well… They are crap…


    Still getting morning sickness. Heartburn has ramped up and it wakes me up through the night, usually at 4am. Tiredness in the middle of the afternoon. Not to mention the pelvic pain and the trapped nerves in my back and pelvis. The only part of pregnancy I like if feeling baby kick and getting baby out of there!!!!



    How was Your April?



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    1. AHarrington says:

      I think it is amazing that you can document all your babies progress etc… in this way. I really wish I could have done it like this. Also I think by documenting it, you are sharing real life situations and this is so helpful to other parents, having a record for your babies for when they are able to read it for themselves and learn about what they did as babies etc… and also I think that writing in this way, can help you to understand everything you do. It’s kind of like stepping back from your life and looking in. Your Amazing Journey! All my Love xxxxx Mama & Nana xxxxxx

    2. aww sounds like they are doing well, I remember when they used to have a nap, gosh miss them times *sniff* X #readysetlink

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