February Update

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    Here’s what has been going on this month!

    Sebastian now 17 months

    We are still experiencing some sleep regression, he goes to bed fine but, 1-2 hours later he is awake and wandering about. Most of the time we let him and he gets back into bed, the only time we do go into him is if he is shouting, crying or banging as we don’t want him to wake Ophelia up. I think most of this sleep regression is due to more brain development and he also has 4 new teeth coming through. Despite this sleep regression he is pretty good at night and once he has had a wander and a chat to his ‘ted’ he does go back to sleep until around 7.30 am.

    Currently trying some discipline techniques with Sebastian, only because he likes climbing onto tables and attempts to jump off, typical boy I guess and I am very surprised that I haven’t had to take him to A&E yet. He also tends to scream at the stair gate when someone leaves the room, not just with Nick and I but he will also do it if family visit and after a while it gets annoying, having to tell him that I’m just going to make a drink or his dinner…

    We are trying a 3 warning system with him at the moment, and if by the third time he hasn’t stopped what ever it is he shouldn’t be he sits in the naughty chair for two minutes, although he usually has a tantrum so we make him sit there until he has calmed down. This has worked brilliantly so well regarding climbing on the furniture and 9 times out of 10 he will now get down before the third warning. It has worked so well that we are sticking with this for everything, including the whining at the stair gate – especially if his sister is napping upstairs. It is all just trial and error and we have to remind ourselves that even though he is advanced for his age, he is still just a baby and is just testing boundaries and discovering new things on a daily basis. Most naughty things we let him get away with but there have been a couple of things that he does that are dangerous or are just plain annoying and noisy, and likely to wake a 7 month old up who is grumpy as hell if she doesn’t get her naps!

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    Ophelia now 7 months

    Ophelia is still sleeping through the night which is great for everyone. She wake occasionally before 12am due to teething, but a drink, teething gel and sometimes an ice cube soon settles her and she will then sleep through until around 7am.

    She is still working on this crawling business, she can turn around on her belly and likes to crawl backwards now she just has to figure out how going forwards works! She is enjoying more time on the floor now and is interacting more with her toys.

    Weaning is going well, she really loves her food, we have tried some baby lead weaning too like, cooked carrot sticks, broccoli, raspberries and banana, all of which he managed on the first attempt, and her main meal is now mashed up rather than puree’d, she is great with texture, and has actually been easier to wean than Sebastian. Ophelia has three main meals a day, two bottles of formula milk (morning and night) and she will have a few snacks in between her meals, normally fruit or a yogurt.

    That is pretty much it for this month, we are all healthy and over the colds we have had just looking forwards to some warmer weather now! We do have some big news coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that big announcement, here on the blog and on my Instagram @jharri2225.

    Just a few posts to look out for this March include

    • Weaning stories
    • 18 month Sleep regression
    • And the big news announcement!
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