March Update

    So here is what’s been happening this month…


    Sebastian now 18 months – update


    For Sebastian this month has been all about cognitive development, compared to the last few months where he has been 100% physical, so this mama has had a bit of a break from running around!


    Tantrums: Sebastian seems to be calming down a look quicker when a tantrum strikes. We are still continuing with the tree warning method, and then if he still isn’t doing what we ask he sits in the naughty chair for a couple of minutes up to 5 minutes depending on what he did. I have noticed that he is slowly learning right from wrong, he will no go up to things that he’s not allowed to have/touch and say ‘no’. He is also learning hot from cold, he now knows that he can’t touch the hot tap when its running, and he knows when his food is just a little to hot to eat.


    Siblings: Sebastian has started to recognise that Ophelia is a little person too, who wants to play. I often find them together in the play room playing with and sharing toys. My highlight this month was watching them happily playing peek-a-boo in their tent and tunnel!


    I am really having to watch what I say around Sebastian now as he is picking words up so easily. He learns a few new words every single day, and has even started to form small sentences. I can now ask him if he would like a dink, or a snack and he will say either yes please, or no. He has also started asking for things, such as food, a nap, or a drink. He also lets us know when its bath and bed time!

    To help with his speech, we have taken to reading a book in the afternoon and before bed. I read it to him and then after we go through it again and he names all of the animals, and will make the sounds of the animal. His favourites seem to be, chicken, pig, cat, cow and spider!

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    Ophelia now 8 months


    This month has been all about getting through her next major leaps which were crawling and learning that mummy leaves the room for a short time, but comes back.


    Crawling. It literally feels like that Ophelia went from rocking on her knees struggling to crawling, to speed crawling around the house within a matter of days! There is no stopping her now, she loves exploring and following her brother around. Which has reduced her dependency on me a little. She is very much a mummy’s girl! Ophelia also mastered sitting up this month, and loves sitting and playing with her toys!


    Now that Ophelia is on the move and following her brother, she is learning a lot from him and has already been trying to climb the stairs and get onto the sofa, I think she will be an early walker like her brother was. Great for me seeing as we have another little munchkin on the way!


    A big voice for a little person: This month Ophelia has discovered that she can scream and shout to get our attention, and boy does she have a set of lung on her! She likes to let you know shes there and won’t stop until she has your full attention. We are combating some of this attention seeking with distraction methods. So if she just will not stop screaming or shouting for attention, I simply go and put a few different toys in the room. This usually solves the problem and her attention is captured once more. This gives me time to prepare meals or just have a cup of tea!


    Teething: This is still causing some sleepless nights but not nearly as frequent. I would say 2/7 nights we are up to her due to teething pain, but with a little teething gel, a cuddle and a drink she goes back to sleep for a bit. This week I have felt some roughness on her bottom gums, so I think her two bottom front teeth will cut through soon, she is dribbling lots and always has pink cheeks!

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    I am feeling pretty good despite the constant migraines and morning sickness. Just trying to make sure that I am eating regularly and healthily. Still waiting for a scan date from the hospital, which should be here in the next couple of weeks. At the moment we have a due date of 12th October 2018, but because we are so unsure of conception dates we really need a dating scan to be sure. I will do a pregnancy update as soon as we know when this baby is due for sure! I have received my first scan date for the 16th April so not long to wait until we see baby number 3 for the first time!

    You may have seen on my social media feeds that I have switched hosting sites, for design reasons. So please if there are any links that are not working please let me know either via DM on Twitter or Instagram, and I can get those fixed asap. The process has been smooth and so far I have not found any glitches!


    Whats coming up on the blog?


    Keep an eye out for those pregnancy updates if you are following my journey to 3 under 3!


    I am currently working on a post about having 2 babies under 2 and how hard the first 6 months were. Hopefully prepare us when number 3 arrives this Autumn! #3under3


    Is there anything you would like me to cover this month?

    Thank you for reading! How was your March?



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