10 Tips on organising you home with kids

    1. Storage, storage and more storage

      I never imagined while I was pregnant with my son that I would need so much storage, but as we started gathering things in preparation for welcoming our new baby into our home I soon realised that storage was going to be a must. From toy boxes to under bed storage we got it all!

    2. Play rooms or spaces

      If you have a spare room I seriously advise making this your play room for you child or children. I was lucky enough to be able to do this before our second baby arrived as we moved out of our 2 bedroom cottage into a four-bed with a small dining room this is now my children’s play room. All of their toys are in here, and we only let the, bring a few into the lounge each day, and I make sure that come bed time all of the toys are away and out from under my feet!

    3. Allocate a cupboard or two in your kitchen

      I have two cupboards in my kitchen specifically for my kids, bottles and formula in one and breakfasts and snacks in the other, so handy knowing exactly where their munchy stuff is in the kitchen so I don’t spend ages trying to find them a snack to appease them for a while. I have also allocated a shelf in the fridge just for their food!

    4. Every day items to hand

      In my TV cabinet in the lounge I have two ‘baby draws’, these draws contain, nappies, wipes, creams and lotions as well as nappy bags and a few emergency snacks!

    5. Cabinet and draw dividers

      These are brilliant and prevents your draws from looking like they have just been ransacked! I would seriously advise buying some draw locks, although my 16 months old has figured them all out…. we have tried three different lock systems! So if you have an overly curious toddler don’t bother with these LOL!

    6. Floating Shelves

      Great for keeping things out of the reach of small inquisitive hands and mouths!

    7. Laundry Baskets

      I have three baskets, colours, lights and darks and I keep these in the bathroom so I can throw the dirty washing in easily!

    8. Bookshelf storage boxes

      These are great for hiding small bits like paper, arts and craft stuff, DVDs and video games.

    9. Bathroom storage

      I have a bathroom storage cabinet with a lock on so I keep all of my bathroom cleaning products in here as well as shampoos, shower gels and kids bath stuff. I also have a toy basket attached to the tiles, great for throwing all the bath toys in after bath time!

    10. Toy box or basket in you living room

      Keeps toys handy and you can easily throw all the toys in here at the end of the day, great if your like me and love reclaiming adult space after the kids are in bed.download

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