5 minute makeup tips for a busy mum

    Here’s a few tips for doing your makeup in 5 minutes if your a busy mum, but still don’t want the whole world to see how shit you look without it!

    1. Moisturise – make sure this is suitable for your skin type
    2. Conceal any troublesome areas and then sponge on some foundation
    3. Basic eye shadow, I use nudes if its just another basic mum day!
    4. Apply some mascara – don’t go OTT, just enough to coat your lashes, I do this in the hope that I look more awake!
    5. Lip gloss I use the contouring lip gloss from NU Skin as it stay on longer than most and just looks like you attempted to put your makeup on fully!

    Your done – you may not look photo shoot ready but, hey at least you look a little less like you’ve been auditioning for The Walking Dead! Or not depends how good you are at doing your makeup in 5 minutes.

    Here are the products I use in this makeup regimen, for more information on these products and how to order please DM me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jharri2225/

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