5 Reasons Parents Need more ‘Me Time’

    Helps you re-charge

    I don’t need to tell you that parenting is bloody hard work, and from time to time we need a break. This break doesn’t necessarily need to be away from the kids (although I am sure at times that is probably a wonderful idea). Just being able to sit down with a hot drink for 20 minutes while you watch your kids play is enough. Getting some ‘me time’ is so important…

    To clear your head

    As well as needing to re-charge we also need to clear our mind, to de-stress and take time to ensure our mental health is in good order and to improve our moods. A walk is a brilliant way of doing this, and some time alone away from the kids will give you that peace and quiet you need to collect yourself, and prepare your mind.

    You patience will increase

    We all know from time to time kids test your patience to the max, and sometimes that patience will run out, for example my 16 month old son was just sat in my lap while I am typing this, I have him a pencil and a pad of paper and he was wriggling and drawing everywhere but the pad I had given him, now that’s not so bad I just put him down and he played with something else, but I lost my patience more quickly with him because last night he refused to stay in his bed and sleep he was awake until 11pm (he went to sleep at 7pm) and he has done that for the last three night so Nick and I have lost our evenings, that and we hand’t slept very well because out little girl keeps waking up because shes teething.

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    So yes, by taking some ‘me time’ you will be more resilient and calm even if only for a day or two, plus you won’t feel so depleted when your kids are testing your patience!

    Better Role modelĀ 

    As your kids get older if they see you taking time to look after yourself they will begin to respect you and that sometimes you need some grown up time. Kids learn from us so they too will learn that they need their own space too. If you nurture yourself, you will be able to nurture your kids better too!

    Better relationships

    I wasn’t great at taking some ‘me time’ and my relationship with Nick definitely took a nose dive, we were arguing daily over silly things, the tension was running high. I needed to take some me time, and once I did this even for just an hour a day, I felt less anxious and stressed and our relationship has definitely improved over the last month or so.

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