A Grandparents perspective

    Just want to say a huge thank you to my mum for writing this guest post for me on her perspective as a first time grandparent. Your advice and support has been invaluable to Nick and I over the last two years, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without your wonderful listening ears and wealth of parenting knowledge and knowing what your parents said and did when you had your three daughters!

    Guest Post – My Mum’s Perspective as a Grandparent


    When your babies grow to young adults and your hair starts to turn grey from worry, you will look back and say ‘hey I remember when I knew that my babies were tucked up in their beds, safe and sound, when life was bonkers’. I promise you this, all the shit and worry is so worth it because when your young adult comes up to you, gives you a hug and says thanks for being my mum, you know it was all worth it and for a second or….. nah just a second you wished that you had more! Try to enjoy the mad days as that’s life and shit happens!!!

    Nanny would have said, and her mum: being a stay at home mum is one of the most important jobs ever, you are nurturing your little people and providing the best foundation for the rest of their lives. They also said never feel bad about staying at home. Try hard to get at least an hour or so in the evening to yourself, not ironing or chores that you can’t do during the day, but reading a fictional novel or writing etc….. even just having a lovely peaceful soak in the bath. Oh and hot chocolate as your bedtime drink!!

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    You are a fantastic mum and we can all see that despite the tough bits you are enjoying the challenges. You and Nick are a super parents and a great team. x

    AH mum to three girls now aged, 25, 23 and 19, and Nali to two, 16 months and 6 months!

    Mum, thank you for sharing your views on being a stay-at-home mum. Parents, mainly mums who stay at home to raise their children have received some controversial press lately, namely shaming mums who decide to stay at home. For a moment that press made me think that I should go back to work, sort of make me feel guilty for not going back to work, but it just would not work for us as a family at the moment as Nick works very long shifts as a chef.

    Being a stay-at-home parent is a job, and a full time one at that, and we are raising the next generation of people who will potentially do great things for our country and world, so why should’t we be able to nurture OUR children? Why should both parents feel pressured into going back to work when their baby or toddler still needs them… they don’t have to start school until they are 5 and childcare is so darn expensive, I think this needs a blog post of its own!

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    1. aharri3066 says:

      Both parents having to work with children! This I think is despicable! Our Government are out of the real world for this and for disabled people 50+ trying to get work. Shame on you Theresa May!

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