Futile Dreams of a Mums Day Off!

    Days off for me as a mummy to two under two at the moment are few and far between, and even when I do get one of these rare days off, most of the time they go a bit ‘pete tong’!

    Take my last supposed ‘day off’ for example. I had made so many plans… nails, a little retail therapy a nice HOT coffee in a cafe uninterrupted. I even planned to take a nice hot bath when I got home while Nick did bedtime routine, and then perhaps a gin or two!

    These plans sounded great! So we all woke up and had breakfast together that morning. I was all set to jump in the car to bugger off into the city for a few hours. As I’m just about to start the engine, in my old battered but reliable Fiesta, Nick comes running out saying he wants to take the kids out into the city too. Ok they would enjoy that!

    It was all going to plan I had my nails done and was just about to pop into boots to grab a mascara as mine had run out, when ‘bleep… bleep’ it was my phone ringing. It was Nick he needed me there was a situation involving a screaming toddler who was hungry and a new born who had decided to have a poo explosion. I got to the shopping centre changing rooms, I didn’t need to ask Nick which one he was in because I could her our son screaming. I got in there and it was literally a scene from one of those comedy movies where the dad has the kids for a day. Sebastian was screaming and Ophelia and Nick were caked in shit! I couldn’t help but laugh inside, I gave Sebs a wafer to snack on and took over from Nick so he could get cleaned up, he literally had baby shit up his arm!

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    I had just put the clean nappy under Ophelia when she let out a massive fart…. the only thing was it wasn’t just a fart she had exploded yellow baby milk shit all over my top, I’m pretty sure it was even in my hair! So there I was covered in bright yellow baby shit, and all Nick and I could do was burst into fits of laughter, how, how did this happen, it all started off so well – I guess it comes with the territory of having 2 under 2!

    I cleaned the baby poo off my top as best I could, wrapped my cardigan around me so that no one could see my wet top, but I still smelt of baby poop! You will be pleased to know that since then I have learn my lesson and always carry a spare top in my changing bag!

    Anyway, knowing that I smelt like I had crapped myself was the end to my day off we grabbed some food and promptly went home to relax and reflect on what had just happened. Although I did still manage to have a lovely soak in the bath!

    My advice to mums planning a day off, to take some time for yourself, make sure that your kids are not within a 5 mile radius of you, or your dreams of an amazing day off will be futile! #mumlife

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