The Dreaded 5pm Grump o’clock



    In a new survey by Cow & Gate Baby Club, has found that two thirds of mums say that 5pm is the peak time for the ‘witching hour’ to begin. On average the survey found that this ‘witching hour’ lasted on average 46 minutes.


    46 minutes? HA, try 2 and a half hours for me! I dread this time of day at the moment, and with 2 under 2 its a bloody nightmare, I could easily compare it to the Nightmare on Elm Street movie sets! Actually no scratch that Nightmare on Elm Street is bliss compared to my two demons at 5pm! Both crying, whinging, and having tantrums left, right and centre. My other half and I have tried all that we can think of to prevent, as we like to call it ‘kick off o’clock’!

    In short nothing we have tried bloody works aside from letting Sebastian (15 months) shout his head off and let Ophelia (5 months) ‘cry it out’ for 20 minutes at a time, trying to soothe her and then get distracted from that because her brother is determined to scream the entire neighbour hood down.

    By 7pm we are so shattered, physically and mentally, its just annoying when you try different things to capture their interest and prevent the melt downs, it really is starting to become a bit soul destroying.

    Anyway we are working on ways to overcome this nightmare! So here’s some of the things we have tried so far, not all of them successful I’d like to add but I will put them up here anyway as they may work for you…

    1. Distracting our 15 month old with QUIET toys and getting him to help dad prepare his own dinner.
    2. Letting our 5 month old daughter have some time on her own without her brother charging around, so either in the jumperoo or some much needed tummy time to wear her out for bed time!
    3. making sure our daughter gets her last nap and milk on time and without distraction from her over zealous brother!
    4. Attempting to encourage our son to play quietly with his sister – this is definitely a working progress but he’s getting much better at it, and also Ophelia is not terrified by him every time he comes over to her now (he had been a bit boisterous and likes to throw toys and smack people round the face).
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    Any more tips would be greatly appreciated feel free to leave us a comment, and Thank you x


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