Tips on Weaning Baby off their Dummy


    Weaning your baby off their dummy is much easier said than done, so here are some simple suggestions to make the transition a bit smoother:

    Tip 1:

    Understand the dummy’s role, this will depend on why you have given your baby a dummy. Is it a cue for your baby to go to sleep? Do you use it to comfort you baby?

    Try to find a suitable replacement such as a toy or cuddle blanket and if you use it as a bed time cue renew your focus on the bed time routine.


    Tip 2:

    Timing is key, the earlier you take the dummy away the easier weaning will be. Experts recommend that dummies should be taken away the majority of the time by their first birthday. Again easier said than done as babies become increasingly strong willed and adverse to change.

    There are a couple of things you can try, such as cold turkey, rewards for not having a dummy for the whole morning etc.


    Tip 3:

    Out of sight out of mind, this will work well if you also combine distraction methods, which can include toys, going out for a walk, singing, dancing, films to name just a few!


    Tip 4:

    The gentle approach, gradually reduce the amount of time your baby/toddler has the dummy each day. For example try only giving a dummy at nap times and find another way to soothe your baby when they become frustrated or cry.


    Tip 5:

    The Dummy fairy, this works if your child is over 2 years and can understand reasoning a little better. Tell them that if they sleep without a dummy the dummy fairy comes and takes the dummy away while they are sleeping and replaces the dummy with a fun toy!

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    Tip 6:

    Ditch the dummy at bedtime, you can use a bedtime story, soft toy to settle and aid reassurance at bed time. Rethink the bedtime routine and do this gradually, try other techniques of settling and soothing, if this doesn’t work first time give them their dummy and try again the next night.


    Tip 7:

    Do not stress, these tips may not work first time or the time after, there is no pressure, your baby/toddler will give their dummy up eventually.



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