My Birth Stories – One pregnancy after another

My Birth Stories

I read and read so much about pregnancy, labour and delivery I knew what was to come I was as prepared as I could be, but not for an emergency C-section. Here are my birth stories…



Sebastian – 20th August 2016 at 11.24 8lbs



At 8pm on Friday 19th August (4 days overdue) I had my first contraction in Morrisons walking down the biscuit and cake isle no less! Although I did not realise this was a contraction, so I shrugged it off as another strong Braxton Hicks contraction, and we carried on shopping. All was fine, we packed our shopping and loaded up the car, as I was getting into the driving seat I had another contraction this time I knew it was different my bump went so tight and the sensation down below was like nothing I had ever experienced before, it was time to start timing these contractions. Was this it? Was I about to meet our baby boy very soon?


We got home and as soon as I walked through the front door I had another contraction, I decided a warm bath might be a nice idea. We were both still convinced that they were only Braxton hicks. By the time I climbed out of the bath it was about 9.30pm. I went back down stairs to a lovely cup of tea, Nick had made dinner, but I did not feel like eating. My contractions were around 45 minutes apart, with each contraction I was swearing at nick and asking him how long has it been now and if we should go to the hospital.


My contractions stayed 45 minutes apart until 1am, I was getting tired walking around the living room bouncing on my birthing ball and doubling over every time those bloody contractions came. Just after 1am I rang the hospital to let them know that I was having contractions every 35 minutes and to tell them that I would be driving to the hospital, yes you heard me right I was driving to the hospital as Nick didn’t have a licence at that time! They told me to make my way in, Nick grabbed our bags threw them in the boot we left straight after I had another contraction in the hope that I could get to the hospital which was about 25 minutes away, before I had another one! Did I make to the hospital without having a contraction? No, I had to pull over, let that contraction pass then carry on! Once we arrived at the hospital car park I had another contraction, so my contractions had gone from being 35 minutes apart to 8 minutes apart in less than an hour! This was it, we were going to meet our little man!


Once settled into the hospital at about 2.30 am I was 2-3 cm dilated. The midwives pretty much left me to it until 4am when I needed some pain relief, they gave me codeine and pethidine, which did not bring me any relief, but it did make me feel as high as a kite! At 6am my waters broke, and then my contractions were coming thick and fast, I needed the gas and air, mainly to help me concentrate on breathing.


By 7am I was 9cm dilated and was starting to feel the need to push, the midwives let me start pushing at just under 10cm dilated and I was pushing until about 10.20am, I had stopped dilating, this baby was not coming out, I was exhausted and in so much pain. The doctor that came to assess me and the baby decided that the only option was to have a C-section.


I was so out of it at this point that I just agreed and I’m sure I gave them some choice words. I don’t remember much of what happened after this point being so full of drugs, but this is how I remember it, spinal epidural in, incision made, pushing, pulling and then… that cry. The cry of my baby boy melted my heart and tears of joy and relief that he was finally here started to fall. He was cleaned and wrapped up and passed to me while they were stitching me up. I was so overwhelmed, so tired, but so happy to be holding him in my arms.


Once in the recovery room, Nick dressed Sebastian and gave him a cuddle while I was texting my parents that their first grandchild had finally arrived. The delivery team and post-natal midwives were amazing. I could not wait to go home with our little bundle of joy! We could go home Monday evening, and because I had driven to the hospital I also drove us all home, yes even with a C-section wound! I’m hard core.


That was it we had done it, I had carried this little bugger for 9 months gone through a long labour and now here he was, we were parents and I don’t think this settled in until a few weeks later! Little did I realise that three months later we would find out that I was pregnant again!



Ophelia – 10th July 2017 at 16.48 7lbs



I woke up at 7am on the 10th July, which also happened to be my mum and dads wedding anniversary, to my waters leaking! I was so shocked as I was only 37+4 weeks pregnant and we were planning to have an elective C-section on the 21st July. This labour was not nearly as stressful as my labour with Sebastian!


Nick and I rushed Sebastian over to Nick’s mums, and went back to the house to await the ambulance to take us to labour and delivery (I was not going to drive this time!) They told me to go in so early because I was due to have another C-section.


We arrived at the hospital at 11.30am, and I was already 2cm dilated, labour progressing at a good pace and baby was happy, and I was not in too much pain. Initially they were going to take me down for a C-section straight away, but some emergencies came in, so I had to wait until 3pm for mine.


I was far more aware of what was going on this time around, I was so nervous, but so excited to meet my little girl. The epidural was fine, but as they tilted me back my waters broke completely, it felt like they had popped in my chest. Then I started to panic, I hated the pushing and pulling and the smell of the surgeon burning through the layers of tissue. The anaesthetist gave me something to relax me and held my hand. I am so glad that Nick was there holding my other hand. I knew I was having a C-section this time around but still nothing could prepare me mentally for what would happen, I think partly because I was not pumped full of pain relief that messes with your head.


Again, that cry it melted my heart and tears of joy started falling, it really does catch you every time! She was cleaned and wrapped and passed to me while they stitched me up. Once the surgeon was all done and we were in recovery Nick dressed Ophelia and had a cuddle, we were so happy and could not wait to get home and introduce this little squidgy to her big brother!


We could go home the very next day due to a new fast track system the hospital had introduced that year. I was so happy all I wanted to do was get home and rest and be with my family of four now! Sebastian was mesmerised by Ophelia when he was introduced to her, and despite him being so boisterous most of the time he was gentle and relaxed with his little sister and just wanted to touch her face to see if she was real!




How was your labour? Did you have a natural birth or C-section? Feel free to share your birth stories below x