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    As a mum to two under two, and working from home, I am always looking for ways to fit more into my days and be more productive. Whether that be getting the washing done, or cleaning the house. With two little ones to look after sometimes things get forgotten, or only managing to do half a task. Unfinished tasks soon start to build up, become overwhelming, and ultimately take you longer to complete when you do get a chance to finish it.

    The tips I share here will not make you a super mum. They may help you be a little more organised and help you get those essential tasks done without having to stop and start. I have found that by using these tips I have more time to spend with my little ones and even manage to get some time for myself!



    Ways to make your week more Productive



    After having my second baby I felt like my brain was turning to mush. I could not focus on any task long enough to complete it and everything was getting on top of me. I then realised I had stopped planning. Life with 2 under 2

    Every Sunday evening, when my little ones are in bed I sit down and plan out my whole week, from shopping to cleaning, days out to working. This has made such a difference to my productivity. I can easily see what is going on the week. I can plan activities and trips our and still make time for work and household chores. Here is an example of a standard week for me:


    To-do lists

    My to-do list is usually a lot longer than the example above. I often find things that need doing or I haven’t quite finished so they go on the to do list and I do those when I can. I try and complete them that week because I hate carrying tasks over. Not finishing things really bugs me, but with two under two there just are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

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    I have a separate to do list that I look at every morning and evening. This is where I prioritise my tasks, so that I know what really needs doing, or what can get done if I ever get a few spare moments!


    Identify and Utilise your Productivity Window

    No one can perform at 100% all day long – that is unless you are some sort of super hero!

    Take a step back and have a look at your day. When do you feel at your most productive? You are likely to have 2-3 hour window once or twice a day when you are at your most productive. For me these windows are between 9am to 12pm and then again at 5pm to 8pm. I plan to do my most important tasks within these productivity windows, so this could be cleaning or writing blog posts. Then save the more menial tasks, like going to the shop and grabbing a pint of milk for when I am feeling less productive.

    Identifying those times when you are at your most productive will help you get through that to-do list that seems never ending. You will notice an increase in important tasks getting done while still managing to complete other tasks.



    As parents we become masters at multitasking. From entertaining a toddler while feeding a new born or cooking dinner.

    However, when it comes to being more productive, we should be focusing on one task at a time. When I say this I mean ignore your child, of course their needs will always come first. But keep in mind that when you do start a task, you aim is to finish that task and move onto the next.

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    It’s all about balance see my post on Finding a Balance when your Working from Home. This is why I spread my housework out over the week. I have found that by doing this I am more likely to get it done and stay on top of other things, like my blog and my business and still have time to entertain and care for my children.


    Take a Break

    Being a mum to 2 under 2, and with baby number three soon to arrive, means I have very little time to myself. By planning my week in advance I can make sure I schedule some ‘me time’. I really used to struggle with this. I felt like I had to be with my children 24/7 and it was really affecting, not only my productivity, but also my mental health. Overcoming the Same old Stay at home mum life

    So I try to schedule time with my other half, or just take time to pamper myself a little. Self care is so important and although we may be a parent first, we should also remember how important it is for us to take some time out!



    Does anyone else struggle with productivity? Do you plan? If so What techniques do you use?

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