5 Baby Items I Didnt Need…

    The 5 Baby Items I purchased but didn’t really need!


    When I first found out I was having my first baby, amongst the feeling of joy and thinking if I am actually ready I may have gone a little over board, I bought everything that I thought I would need! Now that baby number three is on her way, here are the 5 baby items I will not be buying this time around. I either just simply never used them or they just didn’t fit into my style of parenting.


    Baby Towels

    These were great when my babies were newborns, but to be honest I could have managed with hand towels. They grew out of these baby towels so quickly, and even though they do look adorable snuggled up in them after a bath, I will not be buying any more for baby number three!

    We are currently using these old baby towels as bedding for my cat who has just had a litter of 4 kittens. Yes we have a very fertile household!


    Weaning Food Pots

    These were just not practical with 2 babies under 2, the ones we had were a tad on the small side and my babies were (still are) hungry munchkins and those pots were just not big enough for one portion! Instead we used bigger tuppa-wear and could fit two portions in each pot. I make meals in advance so these pots are great for putting in the freezer. Microwave and dishwasher safe too!



    Baby Bath

    This was great for the first couple of months, but after that point I found it easier to just put my babies in the main bath. Sebastian was sitting well when Ophelia arrived so after the first couple of months I got a bath seat for her to go in the big bath and she sat perfectly in it from 3 months old.

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    I will be using the baby bath again when baby number three arrives, but as soon as she is sitting up it will be easier to have all three of them in the big bath! They love it more room for splashing and playing.




    Oh my my babies have so many blankets, some were given to us and some were made. I also crocheted two blankets each for my babies, and I have done the same for baby number three so we really don’t need to buy any more blankets.

    On the plus side, my babies really love the blankets I made for them and they both still use them now they are big enough for toddler sized beds. I also made them a blanket for their Moses baskets and they still snuggle these at night!


    Baby proofing cupboard clips

    Now, I was so intent in baby proofing the house when my son arrived, being a new mum I though this was necessary. To an extent it was. But as soon as I had put the cupboard clips on all of the draws in the house, he had figured out how to un-clip them. He was the same with the corner protectors, he literally was and still is into everything.

    So, instead of putting locks on the draws I have just decided to not use draws at his and his sisters levels for any of my things and instead I have these draws allocated for their toys and blankets!



    3 under 3! Yes, we are crazy!


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