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    Dealing with Toddler Behaviour

    We had been struggling so much over the last couple of weeks to keep this little, energetic toddler entertained. Nothing could capture his attention for more than 5 minutes and it was wearing me down. His little sister was missing out, because I was spending my whole day just trying to keep him out of mischief.

    Honestly, this has been the hardest month or two I have had since becoming a mum. Even harder than sleepless nights and colicky babies. When you can’t even get 5 minutes to pause and grab a glass of water, or a quick shower, because you dare not leave the room as its highly likely he will do something naughty, it takes it out of you. Almost forgetting how to be you!
    What had we tried?
    Books, sensory play, getting out and about, you name it I had tried it with him and nothing seemed to be working. I was tired mentally and physically, being a mum to such an energetic boy, having a 10 month old who was teething and being in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy was taking its toll on me.
    I was at a complete loss. He would not play with any of his toys, he was being quite mean to his sister at times and would constantly whine for attention even though he had my undivided attention 100% of the time. He was being very naughty too, climbing on the furniture, snatching toys off his sister, being mean to the cats and screaming at me if I told him off.
    I am pretty sure he was feeling pretty crappy too. We are at a stage where he is saying lots of words and phrases, but cannot yet tell us what he is feeling. It must be so frustrating for him, that sometimes mummy and daddy just do not understand what he wants. He will get there, he is still little after all.
    Something amazing happened….
    Then my parents got him this animal farm set from @fisherprice which he absolutely loves, he has spent the last three days playing with it. It captures his attention for an hour at a time. He also has more interest in his other toys, he is being calmer and nicer barely any whining.

    I just love seeing him so content with this toy. All he needed was something he loved. Something that could capture his imagination. I thought he might have been a little young for toys like these, but he has taken to it and spends most of the day playing with it!
    So what happened next?
    The last few days have been pure bliss with him, I have caught up on washing, housework and I have pent more time with his sister who really was missing out. I have even managed to find a little time for myself.
    So my advice to mums at the end of their tether with a toddler who won’t sit still, step back for a moment, look at why their attention and imagination are not being captivated.
    Does your toddler need a little more stimulation?
    Do they need something a bit more advanced now?
    Taking a step back is so simple to do, but something we often forget. I really am still finding my feet in this journey into motherhood. Completely winging it most days in fact, but at least now I will be more prepared for when my daughter and baby number 3 go through the same stages.


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    5 Responses

    1. I love it when you find something that completely captures them. They do keep you on your toes though! #itsok

    2. Very useful information… sometimes we tend to overthink things or are just to tired to even think straight. But often, it’s something so small that can make a huge difference. Glad your little fella is engaged and happier now, and you are getting some much-deserved rest. Thank you for sharing your experience with us at #itsok

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