January family update!

    Sebastian is coming up to a year and a half, he is learning new words every day, he now has about 30-35 words in his vocabulary, and has even started to put together some phrases, some of my favourites are; ‘please mama’, ‘bye dada’, ‘don’t care’, ‘I did it’, and the funniest has to be ‘ohhhhh bugger’, especially funny when he uses it in context! I have to fight off laughing when he shouts ‘ohhhhh bugger’!

    We have had a few nights this month where he has refused to stay in his bed at night, he has been pulling his pillow and blankets off the bed and sleeping by his door. From what I have read it is just a phase and most probably linked to his night terrors. Although when he does go down to bed well, and stays in his bed he sleeps until around 7.30am. Nap time in the day can be a bit of a struggle too, when he turned 1 he lost his morning nap but still went down at 2pm ish, however he has started to shout the house down when I put him down for this nap, not too sure whether he is going to lose this nap now too.

    Ophelia is now 6 months and doing much better, she is finally over her ‘croup-like’ cough. She can roll over with ease now and has started shuffling around in her cot at night, I often go in to find her either sideways, or up the other end! She is almost able to sit unaided, the ‘sit-me-up’ she got for Christmas really has helped with this.

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    We are currently experiencing some 6-month sleep regression, mainly due to teething and she is obviously about to hit her next major milestone, crawling. I’m hoping this regression won’t last too long as she is currently waking up at 12am, 2am, 4am, and then finally up at 6.30am.

    Ophelia has just become more self-aware in the last week or so, she loves looking at her hands and at her reflection in a mirror. She is also more interactive with her brother and the cats! I cannot wait for Sebastian and Ophelia to be playing together properly!

    That is pretty much it for this month’s update I think. Other than Nick starting a new job and going back to doing long shifts (14 hours) #cheflife. I am continuing to build my business as a NU Skin Distributor so that I can work from home.

    No big family plans for February yet, just visiting family when we can!

    A few blog posts for you to keep an eye out for;

    I am featuring Plant Based recipes blog, I love her recipes and really enjoy incorporating these into my meal plan, although these are vegan recipes we add meat to ours!

    I will finally publish my birth stories as a page on my blog!

    I’m also currently trialling essential oil and children, so keep an eye out for future posts on this!

    Please comment below if there is anything you would like me to write about in a blog post!

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