My Emergency Car Kit

    Have you ever found yourself out and about with the car parked up and realise you forgot an essential baby item in your changing bag….. Yes that’s me very often, normally due to rushing about trying to get 2 babies under 2 out of the door and in the car before they start whining because they know we are going out. Well I decide to put an end to that…. And yes I still forget to put things in the changing bag but with my emergency car kit I know its always there if I really need it!

    What’s in my emergency Car Kit?

    Screen wash
    Engine oil and coolant (older car owner)
    X4 nappies (2 for each baba!)
    Pack of baby wipes
    Baby and toddler snacks – especially for my toddler he gets cranky in the car!
    Emergency Calpol and teething gel
    Hand sanitiser
    Toys – just a couple to keep them entertained

    Spare top for me (baby sick and all that smeg)

    Mum snacks in case we get stuck in traffic!

    X2 dummies
    X2 blankets
    2L bottle of water
    Silver coins – for parking!

    What’s in your emergency car kit?

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