No is not another word for Yes!

    Since I became a mum, and since my baby boy has turned into a fun-loving toddler, who has far too much energy, I have found myself saying the word ‘NO’ far more than I ever though I would. Seriously, if I put £1 in a jar every time that I said ‘No’ I would be able to go on a holiday for a whole year (which by the way is much needed)!

    I honestly feel like a parrot who only says…. No, no, no….

    No you can’t have that….

    No don’t throw your food on the floor…

    No, don’t climb on the table, TV unit, or any other surface that is not designed for feet, or where you could fall and smash your face…

    No, don’t feed the cat your cheese biscuits or anything else you may have in your hand…

    No don’t take your nappy off…

    No don’t eat that….


    By far the strangest and funniest thing that I have said no to was, when my son at 13 months decided it would be a good idea to climb into the toilet, as I’m trying to have a paid mum shower – my son ended up having a shower too!


    Is anyone else sick of constantly saying ‘No’? Sometime I wonder what it would be like if I said yes to all the things that I usually say no to. It would probably end with with a hyperactive toddler who’s eaten all the sweets in the house and we would more than likely end up in A&E because he has decided to jump off the coffee table and face plant the TV unit – looks like this mama is going to be saying ‘No’ for many years to come!

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    What is the strangest thing that you have had to say No to?

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