Staying healthy as a busy mum

    The season of germs is here and as a parent, it’s definitely important that we do our best to stay healthy. We have an important job and choosing a healthy life is important. I’ve been through the trenches as a mother when I’ve given so much that I’ve absolutely exhausted myself mentally and physically. 


    So here are some simple tips to stay healthy as a busy mum.


    Taking care of yourself can be as simple as making sure you eat well. Sometimes because we are so busy with the kids we forget to focus on our own nutrition. I know how it goes but eating their leftover chicken nuggets or crackers isn’t fuelling our own bodies. I had got to the point where I was so busy with my babies both under 2 that sometimes I completely forgot to eat even a snack, I was grouchy, snappy and so lethargic. 


    Share a bowl of fruit (packed with that vital Vitamin C to boost the immune system) with the kids or grab a snack loaded with protein to keep your body energised. Include foods with protein, such as yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, poultry, fish, lean meat and beans, in every meal. You will want all of this if you want to stay on top of the kids and not feel 100% wrecked at the end of every day.


    When my kids eat now so do I, so if I make my son a sandwich I also make myself one, or if they are both having porridge in the morning I have it too, and for dinner, if they are having the same as me great, if not I make sure that I either quickly whip something up for myself as I am making theirs, or I make extra of one meal and put a portion in the freezer. It’s fine when Nick is home as he’s a chef and cooks for all of us while I entertain the kids!

    As a mum (or dad), you really don’t have time to be sick. But when you are, it’s nice to know you have options that help you feel better.

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    It’s not always easy to make time for exercise but my best tip is to get moving in a way that works for your schedule and your lifestyle. I have found this really hard with 2 under 2 but I am getting out most days for a walk to and from the local shop, or to the park, and we take the babies swimming once a week! I am also doing some exercises in the evening once the kids are in bed to lose my baby belly!


    Let me know how you stay healthy with kids!

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