Goblins in my Sack – A Poem for Children

    Goblins in my Sack

    By A L Harrington


    My little brown sack is full of goblins,
    They have long dark hair and big brown eyes.

    They are very sneaky and very naughty,
    You better watch out there are nearly forty.


    If you let them out mischievousness will reign,
    They have even been known to inflict some pain.


    They might shave your eyebrows,
    They might pull out your teeth.


    Remember what I have said,
    Remember my warning,
    Or you may wake up looking different in the morning!



    I have always loved stories about goblins and they always seem to be cheeky and a bit mischievous, also I once came across a little teeny tiny glass bottle in a gift shop, which had a miniature little goblin inside it, with a note that read: “Do not let this goblin out” It is very naughty!


    Illustration Credit to Michael Wolmarans, Tenebrae Studios


    ©The Unstoppable Mama, 2018

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    1. Thank you so much for publishing my poem. None of my poems have ever been published. I wrote them all when you and your sisters were little girls. Now we have all your babies to share them with. I hope they will read them to their children and children’s children etc… etc… with all my love always xxxMumxxx

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