Fairy Dreams – A Poem for Children at bed time

    Fairy Dreams

    By A L HarringtonĀ 


    When you climb the stairs to bed,
    Take this little thought with you in your head.

    Tonight I will dream of fairy queens,
    Flying through the Willow leaves and picking up daisies to fill your dreams.


    Smile because your future is bright and sunny,
    Remember things I told you that were very funny.

    Although the night darkness can seem a bit scary,
    Think of special things about the queen of the fairies.


    If a bad dream should try to enter your head,
    Just push it away and snuggle up in your bed.


    I wrote this when Izzy was a little girl with night terrors! She would wake with such a scream and I would have to calm her. Read this little poem to your child with night terrors and hopefully by the end of it they will feel much better xxx.


    Ā©The Unstoppable Mama, 2018

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