My Friend – A poem written by my Mum when I was little

    My Friend

    By A L  Harrington


    Mrs Nesbit is a good friend to me,
    My parents say that she is imaginary.

    Mrs Nesbit is real, she drinks tea and eats cake,
    Mrs Nesbit is responsible for the mess that I make.


    I explain to my parents that Mrs Nesbit is there,
    They just look at me with an odd looking stare.

    Mrs Nesbit wears a bright pink hat,
    And in her basket she carries a cat.


    We make up stories and tales to tell,
    If you believe in her she will be your friend as well.


     ©2018, A L Harrington, all rights reserved


    I wrote this for my three daughters and I was inspired by the imaginary tea parties that we had. My daughters are all grown up now and so  I dedicate this poem to my grand babies, who I also love so much xxx.


    ©2018,, all rights reserved
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