Migraines in Pregnancy

    Migraines in Pregnancy

    I have suffered from migraines since I can remember. I think I was about 12 when my migraines started getting really bad. Started taking medication for them 16, I was put on Propanolol and Sumatriptan. This worked fine for a number of years. I came off these when I was about 20 and didn’t really get very many migraines until I fell pregnant with my son at 23. These migraines were horrible, no painkillers would touch it and all I could do was lay down in a pitch black room. They would last for days, and zapped me of all my energy.

    Back to the GP I went to ask if there was anything I could take to shift these migraines. All they could offer me because I was pregnant was cocodamol, and this just wasn’t working either. I basically spent the whole of that pregnancy with a migraine. Which didn’t help with the morning sickness either. I tried all sorts to get rid of the migraines, more water, eating regularly, cold compress on the back of my neck, but nothing took the pounding and the sharp stabbing in my head away.

    When my son arrived the migraines stopped completely again, such a relief as you can imagine. When we found out I was pregnant with our daughter, I instantly started thinking about when the migraines would start, but they never did. I did not have a single migraine throughout this entire pregnancy!


    The return of the Migraines

    However, now that I am pregnant again with our 3rd baby the migraines have returned, and this time they are more severe and last even longer than with my first pregnancy. I have two babies under the age of 2 so these migraines really need to stop. When I have one I am not able to function properly, and my children are not getting all of the attention that I would like to give them.

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    I was so fed up of having migraines last week that I decided to sit down a list of what could possibly be triggering them. I also looked at what had changed regarding my diet since I fell pregnant. So I have removed all of the things that could be triggering my migraines, and yet still they are leaving me with no energy. Then last night I had a brain wave. I have stopped drinking coffee because it makes me feel horribly sick. (Also stopped drinking coffee with my first pregnancy, but I drank 1 cup of coffee a day with my second). I was stumped. I could not drink coffee because I didn’t want to immediately throw up, caffeine tablets are a no go. Then my other half suggested energy drinks. I know they say not suitable for pregnant women due to high caffeine content, but what if I was just to have half a can when I have a migraine? So I worked out the caffeine content, and decided that I could have an energy drink. I planned to only drink it when I have a migraine.

    Would you believe it, last night I had half a can and half an hour later my migraine had faded, I was just left feeling a little nauseous. My neck ached, but nothing unusual after having a migraine. I am migraine free today which is such a relief, so I will let you know how I get on with this in a couple of weeks.

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    Did anyone else suffer with migraines during pregnancy? If so did you find any relief?


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