Pregnancy Update – First scan

    First scan for baby number 3…

    So last Monday we had our first glimpse of baby number three. I thought I was about 13 weeks pregnant but we were told that I was in fact 18 weeks (19 weeks today), a little bit of a surprise but a good one as it means I am almost half way! Baby is very healthy, and has long legs just like my other two babies, which they get from their dad, so mummy is probably going to be the midget of this little family!

    Because I am further along than we first thought I will be having another scan in 3 weeks. This will be a more detailed scan to look at all the organs and spine etc… We will also find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. From looking at my scan pictures from my son and my daughter I am going with another baby girl! Poor Sebastian will be outnumbered! Really cannot wait to find out, we found out what we were having with my other two as well. I like to plan, and I like to have a name picked out. Picking a name for this little munchkin is going to be hard. Needs to match Sebastian and Ophelia, so as you can imagine I will be looking through lots of baby names over the next few weeks!


    Meet baby number 3 – 18 weeks

    Boy or Girl?

    Not the best of scan photos because this little munchkin was hiding. Legs over face and arms tucked up next to his or her head! They also noticed that my placenta was also a little on the low side, which was the same when I was carrying Ophelia. We are hoping that it will move up as this pregnancy progresses. They will look at this again on the next scan.

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    This little munchkin is also breech at the moment so I am having my bladder kicked by little feet. I have felt a lot more movement over the last couple of weeks, and it really is the only part of pregnancy that I enjoy!

    I have a lot of pelvic pain at the moment and if I spend a lot of time walking around I spend the evening and the whole of the next day with an achy pelvis and trapped nerves. May have to speak to the GP about this as it is worse than when I experienced it with my daughter. The morning sickness has subsided but the heart burn is unreal already!


    So that’s pretty much it for this update on baby number three! I have a midwife appointment on Friday and then the second scan on the 8th May which is also Nicks birthday!


    Thank you for reading x


    Did you find out whether you were having a boy or girl? Did you enjoy your pregnancy, or were you like me and pretty much disliked almost every second of it?



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