Pregnancy Update – seeing the midwife

    Ok so my sister has been here for the last couple of days so there was a slight delay in writing this post!

    I had my first appointment with the midwife on Friday at my GP surgery, the usual filling in paperwork, weight, blood pressure, bloods, urine sample…. Pretty boring really especially seeing as I trained as a nurse and had to do things like this on a daily basis. But at least it gets things moving. I should receive a scan appointment through in the next couple of weeks. Cannot wait to find out for sure when this baby is due!

    My community midwife is brilliant and very thorough. She was there through the support of my second pregnancy, and as you can imagine she was very surprised to see me so soon after my last two pregnancies! As is everyone in our family, and us… I don’t think having a 3rd baby so soon has quite sunk in yet!


    Another C-section or natural birth?

    One question I had was, after having two previous c-sections, what is the likely hood of us being able to have a natural birth? It is highly likely that I will have to have an elective C-section (or emergency if my waters break early again). I can tell the consultants that I would like a natural birth and they will go through everything with me. As the risks of having a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC) are higher.

    I’ve prepared myself mentally for another c-section. Lets face it I’ve already tired labour with my first and he didn’t want to come out that way. Chances are I will be having this baby delivered via c-section. The c-section process with my second which was a bit more planned, was a much more relaxed experience. The team were brilliant.

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    I really don’t mind how this baby will be delivered as long as he or she is healthy. I think that is what any parent would hope for at the end of the day. I’ve always been pretty flexible when it comes to my birth plans anyway.

    I will be scanned every three weeks, because of my previous birth complications and the difficulties during my last two pregnancies. Now that is a lot of hospital visits…

    On another note it was nice to get out of the house and leave my two noisy babies at home with their dad, albeit only for an hour. I dread to think what they got up too! But at least when I got home it was pretty tidy and smelt good!



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