My Pregnancy Symptoms

    So this is now my third pregnancy and if you read my last post on my pregnancy announcement you will know I am about 6-8 weeks into this! We find out for sure in a few weeks! Now on to some pregnancy symptoms…

    I will quickly tell you about pregnancy symptoms during my first two pregnancies but this post will mainly be based on the symptoms I am experiencing so far, including cravings! I would also love to know your guesses on whether you think we are having a boy or girl based on these symptoms!

    Pregnancy number 1 (Sebastian)

    Morning sickness (in the evening).

    Migraines, now I suffer from migraines anyway but this pregnancy gave me more severe migraines that lasted longer.

    Going off coffee and the smell of meat cooking would literally have me heaving especially bacon, oh and melted butter!

    Swollen feet during the last trimester.

    I also had high blood pressure through out so was monitored regularly.

    Itchy belly, and itchy legs in the third trimester.

    Cravings included ice lollies and protein, just couldn’t be in the house while meat was cooking but I could eat it just fine! Jelly babies, could not get enough jelly babies!

    Pregnancy 2 (Ophelia)

    Severe morning sickness in the morning and nausea in the evening.

    Extreme hear burn and acid indigestion constantly the only thing that relieved it for a while was milk of magnesia.

    Pelvic Girdle pain in the last trimester I struggled every day with this and it had me waddling like a bloody penguin!

    Severe swollen feet which stared showing at the end of the first trimester.

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    Not many cravings other than biscuits and tea!

    Current pregnancy

    So at the moment I am having some pregnancy symptoms including nausea in the evenings sometimes in the morning too but less frequently, acid indigestion any time of the day and the usual aches, pains and twinges.

    Migraines, exactly the same as my first pregnancy with Sebastian.

    Craving ice lollies, protein, mainly chicken and midget gems….

    I have gone off coffee and cannot stand the smell of any meat cooking!

    Any guesses on what we are having? Leave your comment below and feel free to tell me your pregnancy symptoms from the horrible to the unusual! I will pick a few of the most unusual ones and feature them in a post next week.

    Here is a picture of my bump showing already – yes granted some of it is baby belly from my last two pregnancies but it definitely looks like a preggo bump!

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