Tips on Getting Through Morning Sickness

    Ugh Morning Sickness…


    Pregnancy morning sickness for some women isn’t just morning sickness, but it is morning, noon, and night sickness. I had this with all three of my pregnancies and at different times of the day. You are sick all the time, and all you want to do is crawl back into bed. When you aren’t hugging the toilet, you are trying to figure out what you can eat so that you won’t end up right back in the bathroom.

    There are a number of different types of pregnancy symptoms and whether or not you suffer from any of them is very much dependent on the individual mother-to-be. The majority of women find that their sickness subsides after the first few weeks of pregnancy but others have the nausea for longer. With my son I had morning sickness at all times of the day, with my daughter mostly in the evening, and with my latest pregnancy (who is also a little girl) I got morning sickness very bad at night usually just before bed!


    Alleviating morning sickness


    Blood Sugar Levels

    The first thing you can do to help alleviate pregnancy morning sickness is to keep your blood sugar level stable. Obviously, sleeping will make it difficult to regulate your blood sugar during the night. It is often a good idea is to eat before you get out of bed. Have your significant other bring food to you every morning and take small bites, chewing each bite thoroughly. Give your body time to get the food into your system before you get out of bed and you may be able to avoid some of the nausea you have been feeling.

    This really helped me I could never stomach eating as soon as I got up in the morning. But when I fell pregnant I realised that I had to eat breakfast straight away. It really did ease my morning sickness. I kept a pack of crackers at my bedside and I had a nibble on those before I got up.


    Avoiding Foods that Trigger your Morning Sickness

    Pregnancy morning sickness is also triggered by certain foods. Avoid foods that will spike your blood sugar level. Processed sugars and white flour can cause morning sickness during pregnancy. Try whole grain foods and protein, as they are less likely to cause nausea.

    My morning sickness was never triggered by certain foods. The smell of certain foods, however, well that is a whole other story! You will find this out in a few paragraphs!

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    Does Ginger really work?

    Ginger is excellent for helping calm a nauseous stomach. You can buy ginger tea or make your own drink by infusing freshly grated ginger with boiling water and adding some honey and lemon to taste. Many women find that sipping this ginger drink can help soothe the stomach and counter the nausea that is so common to pregnancy. Nibbling on a ginger biscuit can also be very helpful for pregnancy morning sickness.


    Ugh ginger, I hate it when I’m not pregnant so there was no way I was nibbling on it while I was pregnant! I have heard that this works for some women though. So if you don’t mind ginger then by all means give it a go! We will do anything to alleviate morning sickness right?


    Water, Water and more Water

    Your doctor will undoubtedly tell you to drink plenty of water. This is to ensure that dehydration doesn’t become a problem. While this is well-intentioned advice, there are many times that water can make morning sickness worse than it was before. Try some alternatives to water.


    Try drinking smoothies with a little plain yogurt with fruit mixed in. Also, you can mix your water with a little lemon or lime juice. You can drink tea rather than water if you like, but make sure it is decaffeinated and weak. Fruits such as melons can help with pregnancy morning sickness . However, you should avoid citrus fruits, as they tend to exaggerate nausea.


    Everyone has different pieces of advice to give women to help alleviate morning sickness. Obviously, trying to eat a dry piece of toast and sip water slowly are the most common suggestions, but regardless of your preference it is still extremely important to stay hydrated.

    I discovered how much water makes a difference to you when I fell pregnant. I started trying to drink 2 litres of water a day. I noticed that drinking more water did decrease my nausea whilst pregnant! I have to say it is so hard to drink 2 litres of water a day with 2 under 2. My advice, fill up a 2 litre bottle and drink from that throughout the day. If you can see it you are more likely to want to drink it.


    All those smells!


    Another issue that tends to worsen the symptoms of morning sickness is odours. This is a huge problem for a number of women. Smells can trigger morning sickness and you will probably find that odours you once found pleasant or that at least didn’t bother you will now cause you to feel ill.

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    There are steps you can take to alleviate morning sickness due to smells. If cooking certain foods makes you feel nauseous due to the smell, then find alternatives to these foods during pregnancy. Odours that you now seem to find offensive can be avoided if you takes steps to alter your habits until the birth of your baby.

    Bacon, melted butter and the smell of meat cooking in general put me right off eating anything, which then made the morning sickness worse. I would literally be hugging the toilet as soon as I smelt any of those things. Would also leave me feeling crappy for the rest of the day.



    Cravings are another pregnancy symptom that many women suffer from during their pregnancy. You have probably heard about the more strange forms of this pregnancy symptom such as craving coal, soap and dirt, but the vast majority of forms of this pregnancy symptom are far less strange.

    Basically, your body is telling you that it is lacking in a particular vitamin or mineral by creating a craving for ice cream and pickles or whatever your particular desire may be. The best advice is to give in to this urge. The comfort eating aspect can help your general mood as well as pacify your body.

    I craved red meat with son (just couldn’t stand the smell of it cooking). I later found out during that pregnancy that I was anaemic! So I really do think that cravings are you body’s way of telling you, you need something. With my two other pregnancies I didn’t really have any cravings. I did however have a bit of a sweet tooth during both of these pregnancies, I did suffer from low blood sugars in both of these pregnancies with my girls.


    Thinking Differently….

    You can help ease pregnancy morning sickness by focusing on positive things. Remember that although you may feel constantly ill for the first several weeks of your pregnancy, you are growing another person inside you. This is one of the most amazing, wonderful times in your life, and the nausea you may be feeling will not last forever.


    Tell me your morning sickness stories…. What helped alleviate your symptoms? Is there anything that I have missed? I am sure there are lots more ways to alleviate the dreaded morning sickness.





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