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    Thortful – Greetings Cards for every Ocassion


    So I recently came across a company called Thortful who sell greetings cards for every occasion. I came across this searching for Father’s Day cards as it is not far off! Their selection of Father’s Day cards is impressive. Cannot wait to see what else they have for Birthdays, as I have a few upcoming!

    I ordered two cards one for my Dad and one for the kids to give to their Dad. The cards arrived the very next morning, speedy delivery is always a bonus. I love the fact that you can have them sent to you so you can write a message in it yourself. They also have the option to send the card directly to the person the card is intended for with a printed message in. Here are the cards I ordered!

    Thortful also offer the option of adding a gift with your card, such as chocolates and their selection of gifts is also amazing.


    Another plus is that they gave me a 30% off code which you can use to get 30% off your first order with Thortful. Check out the link below for more info.



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